Assistant Coordinator, Prevention, Education & Outreach

Posted by: Ryan/Chelsea-Clinton Community Health Center

New York, NY, US

Under the direction of the Director of Special Projects, the Assistant Coordinator will manage and promote the prevention and PrEP services provided by the Ryan/Chelsea-Clinton (RCC) Community Health Center. He/she will assist in ensuring the competency of RCC staff to effectively provide services as directed by external funders and internal initiatives to expand HIV prevention and PrEP initiatives. This work is carried out in support of the mission and goals of the Ryan Network.

Essential Functions:

Management, Supervision and Development

  1. Supervises Prevention program staff, including, but not limited to: providing support to assure that all staff meets recognized standards for delivery of quality care and services and adheres to all organizational policies and procedures, professionalism and productivity. Assist in ensuring that all funding mandates are met, including productivity goals.
  2. Conducts promotion and patient recruitment for PrEP services, in collaboration with the Network’s Prevention, Education, & Outreach (PEO) team, in venues, location and neighborhoods where high-risk negative (HRN) individuals congregate, with a focus on young men who have sex with men (YMSM).
  3. Provides PrEP and PEP educational training to both clinical and non-clinical staff, including, but not limited to: delivery of staff presentations, development of curricula and training materials; and adaptation and modification of prepackaged health education materials related to PrEP and PEP.
  4. Implements quality improvement and performance improvement initiatives related to the increased utilization and efficiency of prevention and PrEP services.

Outreach, Promotion, and Client Development

  1. Conducts HIV Testing utilizing all available testing methods
  2. Develops and implements PrEP and PEP marketing strategies in collaboration with the Ryan Network’s Social Medical Coordinator, External Affairs staff, and offsite vendors.

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