Director of Facilities & Operations

Posted by: Mirman School

Los Angeles, CA, US

Mirman School is an independent school for gifted children. This position is responsible for the direction and management of day-to-day operations, general maintenance, custodial services and various projects for the school’s facilities, grounds, equipment, building structures and furnishings, and for managing these areas in an efficient and economical manner. Additionally responsible for long term and short term improvement and modernization projects. Ensures that all students, staff, and the community are provided a clean, safe, attractive, and healthy place in which to learn and work. Must possess a high degree of professionalism in support of the mission, values and plans of Mirman School. The position reports to the Chief Financial Officer.

  1. Strong administrative and hands-on experience in the field of facilities and operations; preferably with a background in construction or property management; and at least 10 years’ experience in managing a large facility (preferably an academic facility), including electrical, HVAC, plumbing, carpentry, fire protection, recycling and energy efficiency, security, and other control systems; and the set up and operations of school programs and activities.
  2. Experience in handling facilities issues on the property 24/7. Ability to be on-call to respond to and resolve night time, holiday and weekend emergencies; or to provide set up and operational support for evening and weekend projects, programs and events.
  3. Strong history of handling the administration and coordination of repairs, preventative maintenance, inventory control, waste disposal, facility upgrades and other projects; overseeing quality control inspections.
  4. Supervisory experience over facilities and maintenance staff schedules, work performance, motivation, prevention of accidents and injuries; and ensuring that maintenance staff adhere to all policies and procedures. Responsible for training and development as needed.
  5. Strong experience with Project Management, soliciting requests for proposals and managing negotiations, work orders, scheduling; supervising vendors, contractors and trades people.
  6. Experience with financial projections and cost management under the overall direction of the Chief Financial Officer. Knowledge and hands-on experience with reporting and recordkeeping using computer software, including Excel, Word, and Powerpoint.
  7. Experience in preparing and managing facility and operational budgets.
  8. Hands-on ability to make small repairs to furniture and equipment.

Qualifications include:

  1. Knowledge and experience with standards and regulatory compliance, including all applicable local, state and federal Building and Safety codes, the American Disabilities Act, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Emergency Response Teams, Department of Health Services, and other applicable compliance.
  2. Experience in providing professional written and oral communications, and in communicating in a respectful and personable manner with all levels including staff, administration, students, parents and community.
  3. Bachelor’s Degree, Certifications, or equivalent working experience applicable to the job requirements.
  4. A minimum of 5 years’ successful facilities and operations experience; and 3 years’ supervisory experience.
  5. Knowledge that includes HVAC, electrical, plumbing, irrigation, carpentry, telephone and fire and safety systems.
  6. Knowledge of word processing and spreadsheet programs.Able to pass a clear background check and complete a TB Testing Questionnaire.
  7. Valid driver’s license.

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