Michael Moore's grand European tour

By The Economist online

THIS week sees the release of a fine hour-long documentary on social policies in Europe, and what America could learn from them. Sadly, this short film is wrapped in an hour-and-fifty-minute-long one, the other 50 minutes of which is Michael Moore making an ugly American of himself. The provocative film-maker’s “Where To Invade Next” is quite amused with its own premise: Mr Moore is “invited” by to the Pentagon, where the brass tell him, in a voiceover of Mr Moore’s own, “we don’t know what the fuck we’re doing.” They “send” Mr Moore to “invade” new countries, looking not for oil but for ideas for making America a more civilised place.

What he finds in Europe is, indeed, remarkable to Mr Moore’s faux-naïf eyes. Italians get six weeks’ of paid leave, plus various other holidays and allowances. The chief executive of Ducati, a luxury motorcycle-maker, says he is proud to give his workers living wages, decent conditions and time off. A working-class couple tells Mr Moore how they spend their long holidays, before he tells them that no federal law in America requires any paid holiday at…

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