OSCE-supported training event enhances interviewing techniques among judges and prosecutors handling cases of sexual abuse and exploitation of children

By SMukhametrakhimova

On 5-6 May, the OSCE Mission to Moldova held a training event on advanced interviewing skills and techniques for judges and prosecutors handling cases of human trafficking, in particular cases of children who have witnessed or suffered sexual abuse or exploitation. A total of 30 judges and prosecutors took part in the event, held at the National Institute of Justice in Chisinau.

During the event, participants explored techniques that can help to lessen the trauma experienced by child victims during the interview process. In particular, the training event encouraged participants to consider the victim’s particular circumstances and individual characteristics, with the aim of both ensuring victims’ participation in legal proceedings and improving the accuracy of the testimony obtained. This is essential in securing convictions and in reducing the threat of sexual abuse against children.

Handling cases involving child victims of sexual abuse and human trafficking is now a reality for many child protection and legal professionals in Moldova. This work is made all the more difficult given the nature of abuse and the age of the victims. It is important that professionals are equipped with the information and practical skills that they can apply when working on such cases.

The training event forms part of the Mission’s ongoing work to enhance the capacity of judges, prosecutors and psychologists from across Moldova and address specific skills when handling human trafficking cases. In 2016, the Mission’s work in this area incorporated the results of an evaluation and participant feedback from training events conducted between 2008 and 2014.

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