We often know when drought or floods will strike. So let’s act before they do | Neil Marsland

By Neil Marsland

Climate change and the current strong El Niño are creating costly humanitarian crises. But it’s so much cheaper to avert disaster through building resilience

The life of a farmer in Somalia is never easy and, right now, it’s about as hard as it gets. The weather no longer seems to follow recognisable patterns and the El Niño phenomenon is exacerbating the crisis.

At 47 years old, Maymuno Madobe Cali has seen it all: drought, floods, disease and conflict. She knows only too well how a precious but fragile livelihood can vanish. She lost 26 goats the last time floods and water-borne diseases came to Boodaale and she is praying the same will not happen to her remaining 11 animals. With seven people in her family, another spell of bad weather could push her to the brink.

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