Project Manager for Real Estate Development

Posted by: West Side Federation for Senior and Supportive Housing, Inc.

New York, NY, US

The Project Manager for Real Estate Development(PM) will report to the WSFSSH Director of Real Estate Development and will work in collaboration with WSFSSH Senior Project Managers to facilitate a range of projects from pre-development through construction and permanent financing conversion. Lead responsibilities of the PM will include:

  1. Coordinating and maintaining WSFSSH master design specifications
  1. Preparing project grant applications
  1. Soliciting and vetting contractor and consultant proposals
  1. Coordinating and requisitioning for project capital and operating funding sources
  1. Preparing closing/conversion memos and binders
  1. Coordinating project transition from construction completion to ongoing management/maintenance
  1. Organizing and managing critical document storage on behalf of the Development Team
  1. Overseeing the WSFSSH Section 202 and SRO database project(s)

Support responsibilities of the PM will include the following tasks to support activities led by SPMs (indicative):

  1. Preparation and updating of project pro-forma
  1. Processing and tracking of pre-development expenditures
  1. Community and tenant outreach and engagement
  1. Communication with and to external parties (i.e. architects, contractors, counsel, banks, etc)
  1. Facilitation of land use approvals
  1. Identification of commercial tenants
  1. Attendance at project pre-development meetings and construction site meetings

Qualifications: The successful applicant will be a strategic thinker, with a strong degree of initiative and the capacity to develop and implement critical project milestones. The candidate must be highly organized, with the ability to effectively juggle multiple priorities and maintain an attention to detail. Strong oral and written communication and interpersonal skills are requisite. The ideal candidate will have a demonstrated interest in affordable and supportive housing. The candidate must be able to work effectively within a collaborative team approach.

Employment will be based upon personal capabilities and qualifications without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, gender identity, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, or any other protected characteristic as established by law.

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