Inquisitive Science Professionals Needed: Become a NYC Teaching Fellows

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New York, NY, US

What is the NYC Teaching Fellows Program?

The NYC Teaching Fellows is preparing a critical mass of exceptional teachers committed to a better future for NYC students. This means our teachers go where they’re needed the most – they teach in low-income communities; at schools with high populations of students with disabilities or English language learners; in the Bronx; and at renewal schools where too many children have fallen behind because we know that when there are strong leaders are in the classroom, all students – no matter their circumstances – have the opportunity to achieve and succeed.

Fellows who successfully complete our rigorous training program become full-time teachers within a few months of enrolling. They participate in an innovative, practice-based summer training program and then earn a subsidized master’s degree in education while teaching in a New York City public school.

Why Teach Science?

Science Fellows understand that there’s always something new and amazing to discover in the world around them. They’re curious, understand the importance of questioning, hypothesizing, and testing, and love getting their hands dirty. Science Fellows teach in a variety of science subjects including biology, chemistry, earth science, and physics and help students build their critical thinking and problem-solving skills to be successful in their lives.

Who We Look For

There is no one profile of an ideal candidate. You may have built a successful career in business or engineering and now wish to give back as a teacher. You could be a high-achieving recent graduate who majored in economics who now wants to share your passion for these subjects with NYC students. Whatever your background, you believe that every student can achieve at a high-level and will do whatever it takes to help them get there. We look for candidates who:

  • Believe in social justice. You want to address and rectify the inequalities plaguing students’ communities.
  • Crave feedback. You strive to be the best you can be at any challenge you undertake.
  • Understand the power of practice. You work deliberately to perfect new techniques.
  • Think on their feet. You can quickly devise solutions to unexpected challenges.
  • Want to work hard and have fun. You bring passion and joy to your work, inspiring achievement and a real love of learning.

No prior teaching experience or education coursework is necessary.

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