Mozambique: Grants and Compliance Manager, FSDMo, Mozambique

Organization: Development Alternatives, Inc.
Country: Mozambique
Closing date: 14 Oct 2016

Requirements: candidate must hold a Mozambican valid work permit.


Grants and Compliance Manager







Operations Manager

Performance management, general direction and guidance on Grants Manager targets and leadership.


Investment Managers, Market Analyst, Finance Manager

General project data, Grants ( budget and expenses updates)



Performance management, general direction and guidance on Grants Management disbursement and project report



Other Programme staff

External Consultants

Performance Management, general direction and guidance on Grants Management, other programme staff and Consultants targets and leadership.


The purpose of the Grants Manager position is to ensure that the programme management and funds management are correctly managed by the grantees, providing strategic oversight on designing PA and management post grants. The GM will support the delivery of programme results. This includes:

· Manage the grants work-flow process through the life cycle of all grants and assure compliance with grant-making policies and procedures;

· Carry out due diligence assessments and compliance examination on grantees to ensure that they are fit to manage grants funds and be compliant with grants agreements and FSDMoç rules and regulations

· Prepare quarterly reports on grantee performance including tracking of grantees spends and Value for Money (VfM)

· Quality control the finance and accompanying narrative report of the project by the Grantee

· Monitoring and accessing the need from the Grantees to ensure qualitative results of the Project.


The Grant’s Manager tasks included, but are not limited to:

5.1 Grants Funds Management

· Develop and implement the Grants management process to the FSDMoç

· Responsible for uploading and monitoring all Grants information on TAMIS and ensuring each grantee records and data entries are correct and up to date

· Provide financial management advice on designing and revisions of budgets to the Grantees

· Facilitate timely disbursement of funds, including confirming programme available funds for all direct payments from the programme to the Grantees

· Ensure payment of invoices for grant related expenditures and track all information on TAMIS.

· Provide the information to Operations Manager for timely, consolidated and reliable financial reports for budget monitoring and progress reporting of programme grants

· Support the operations to provide regular and ad-hoc financial/grants reports whilst ensuring compliance with key donor requirements

· Maintain an accurate database of information on all grants transactions (disbursements records of the grants managed by FSDMoç)on TAMIS

· Ensure project’s financial and Narrative records are up to date, compliant and accurate.

· Monitor and circulate the disbursement forecasts for all grantees on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis

· Monitor the burn rate of grantee funds and liaise with the M&E Manager to report on variations

· Contribute to the updating of the grants manual including designing and updating materials on procedures and ensuring the organisation is up to date with new trends and policies

5.2 MDF and Ensure Grants Achieve results

· Structure the financial section of the grants partnerships in compliance with the Grants Manual and conditions of the DFID subsidy Policy;

· With technical support of the COO and other programme managers, and contracted experts, support on the design of partnership agreements from a Grant Budget perspective, ensuring quality and VfM, and submit to CEO and subsequently to the Grant Management Committee and Investment Committee.

· Prepare final grant contracts and edit grant memos. Make sure that grant contracts are kept up to date and contract amendments, grant extensions and close-out letters are issued

· In coordination with the Analysts, facilitate the due diligence process for potential grantees as required and ensure that the implementation of the PA (disbursement of funds) are in line with the recommendations from DD’s.

· Work with the finance, programme team, and operations to ensure compliance across grant-making functions

· In coordination with the Finance Manager, M&E and Analysts close the partnership agreements if the Grantee is not implementing the project as agreed.

· With the support of analysts and contracted experts provide inputs on technical aspects post partnership agreement on the grant performance, monitoring and management.

· Provide inputs for the update of the MDF and Grant Manual’s and Policies and Procedures as required;

· Provide inputs for the quarterly project monitoring reports and project completion reports prepared by the Operations Manager for the CEO’s approval

· Provide inputs on assessment of the project and ensure lessons learned are disseminated;

· Provide financial information on grantees to facilitate value for money assessments by the KMEL Manager

5.3 Engagement with Grantees

· Serve as the point person to grantees and partners on a grant contract issues with regards to financial reporting and compliance

· Ensure good relationship with the Grantees for better programme implementation,

· Ensure that visiting experts, consultants or relevant project staff to the Grantees have the right approach and necessary acceptance by the Grantee.

· The management of the PA are in alignment with Mozambican law.

5.6 Additional Responsibilities

· Take responsibility for own continuous professional development by proactively identifying and participating in formal/informal learning opportunities

· Perform any other duties as may be assigned by the Operations Manager


6.1 Qualifications

· BA Business Development and Management

· Projects Grants Management

· Monitoring and Evaluation of the Grants

· Budget project design

· Accounting qualifications – advantage

6.2 Skills

· Programme and contract management skills

· Written communication skills

· Ability to communication with others in clear English, Portuguese

· Stakeholder management skills

· Influencing and negotiating skills

· Ability to performance management, coach and mentor staff

6.3 Knowledge

· Knowledge of Project Management

· Knowledge of Grant’s Management

· Knowledge of accounting practice and standards

6.4 Experience

· Experience of providing budgets and forecasts for programmes

· Experience of grants management

· Experience of providing comprehensive reports

· Experience of designing and developing data bases for innovative programmes

· Experience of establishing and reviewing systems and procedures

· Experience of travel, accommodation and security procedures in programmes

· Experience of conflict prevention

6.5 Behaviours

· Leadership

· Relationship building

· Collaboration

· Team working

6.6 Attributes

· Strong vision for FSD Mozambique’s strategic objectives, who will deliver FSD Mozambique’s programmes

· Able to inspire and lead teams to achieve results and high standards of excellence

· Integrity and high personal ethical standards


· Chief Executive Officer

· Operations Manager

· Investment Manager

· Technical and Operational Team

· Development Alternatives Incorporated (DAI) project accountants and project managers

· Financial Sector Stakeholders

· Prospective Donors

· Suppliers

· Local Government Stakeholders

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