Somalia: Call for Committee Members- Reward System Management Committee in Somaliland

Organization: Global Peace and Prosperity Initiative
Country: Somalia
Closing date: 30 Sep 2016


1. Introduction

Global Peace and Prosperity Initiative (GLOPPI) is a right based international organization which strives to eliminate poverty and violent conflict and poor governance in order to bring about lasting peace and sustainable development to the world’s poor, marginalized, excluded communities.

GLOPPI strives to eliminate underlying causes and impacts of violent conflicts, poverty, minority/ human rights violations and poor governance. In collaboration with others, GLOPPI intends to empower the poor, marginalized, excluded and the suffering people to lead peaceful and prosperous life. GLOPPI’s governance work is guided by its three strategic objectives or goals:

Currently, GLOPPI implements governance projects among others in Kenya and Somaliland. In Gabiley region of Somaliland, GLOPPI implements a bottom-up approach to building Somaliland accountable local government institutions project. The main purpose of the project is to make local governments be more accountable, transparent and responsive to the needs of their citizens. It also helps the civil society to participate in decisions affecting their lives and to take a leading role in good governance and the development of their localities and regions. The project intervenes in demand and supply sides of governance as well as the interface between the two. In the demand side, the project enhances and strengthens the capacity of the civil society and communities to demand accountability, good governance, and development. It also increases the awareness of the general public on accountability, good governance and development. In the supply side, it also develops the capacity of local government officials and the elected municipality council to be accountable, transparent and responsive to the needs of its citizens (supply side of governance). In addition, the project then creates a forum or a platform (interface) for the two sides to discuss, agree and collaborate on accountability, good governance as well as development.

2. The incentive/reward system

The reward system is one of the expected results of the project. It is generally believed that the tendency of local governance officials to be more accountable, transparent and responsive is low. Hence something more must be done to encourage and motivate the local government officials to be more accountable, transparent and responsive to the needs of its citizens. Therefore, the reward system is created in order to inspire the local government officials and civil society and communities to bring about a positive change on accountability, good governance and leadership.

It is expected that ninety percent (90%) of the reward system will target the local government officials and elected municipality councils who bring about positive changes in the areas of accountability, transparency, good governance, service delivery, leadership, participatory planning and budgeting, participatory monitoring and social audit, resource mobilization and development etc. The introduction of new innovations and institutional reforms with accountable and transparent systems will be some of the requirements of the reward system. The reward system will also target the civil society and civil society organizations, communities and ordinary citizens who take a leadership role in demanding, advocating and effecting changes in the areas of accountability and good governance etc.

The main purpose of the reward system is to create role models and champions of accountability and good governance and authentic, genuine and transformational leadership. This will help others to follow suit and to innovate; bring about positive changes; reform institutions; ensure efficiency and effectiveness in the service delivery. These will, in turn, contribute to good governance and sustainable development. Hence, those officials who exceed the expected performance or who take a leadership role in effecting change in the areas of accountability and good governance will be acknowledged and awarded. The reward system management committee will finalize the details and the types of incentives which will be included in the reward system.

GLOPPI would like to facilitate the establishment of an incentive/reward system committee who will manage the reward system. Although the number can change, it is expected that the committee will consist of five to seven members at most, two of whom will be ladies. Three to four members are also expected to come from Gabiley region where the project is implemented whereas the rest of the three to four members will come from other regions of Somaliland. Being a member of the committee will not be a demanding task. The committee may initially meet once a month and later once in every three months. However, the committee will decide how often to meet. One of the GLOPPI staff will be attached to the committee to act as a secretary. It is also possible that consultants will work with the committee if there is any technical assignment which may be needed. Although the project will provide meeting allowance, the committee must be volunteers who are seriously committed to accountability, good governance, and development of their region and country. They must be visionary citizens who are passionate about positive institutional changes and long-term sustainable development. Therefore it is an interesting opportunity for talented, experienced and knowledgeable citizens, intellectuals and experts to participate in the transformation of Somaliland local institutions and in creating genuine and transformational leadership and role models who will make a positive difference in the lives of Somalilanders.

3. Main Tasks/Duties or Responsibilities

The following are main tasks of the committee. It is not an exhaustive list and more tasks may be included if necessary.

v Develop the reward system and well-articulated criteria to be used in the selection of the potential candidates for the reward system.

v Periodically issue call for nominations from civil society organizations, and concerned individuals and generally citizens of the region (Gabiley).

v Periodically review and evaluate of performances of nominated candidates as well as other potential candidates.

v Shortlist the potential candidates for the awards and make appropriate documentation as per the requirement of the system.

v Make the final announcement of the selected candidates

v Organize ceremonies for the selected candidates and invite the concerned authorities and other celebrities at regional and national level.

v Publish and circulate a report on the award systems and awardees in order motivate more people to bring about positive changes in the areas of accountability, good governance, and leadership.


v At least Bachelor of Arts in public administration, public management, human resource management, governance, leadership, political science, sociology and accounting/auditing or relevant degree (Masters Degree or higher degree is highly preferred).

v At least three to five years experiences in working with public institutions in Somaliland preferably local government authorities as a senior official/leader, advisor or consultant

v Excellent understanding of operations and mandates of local governments in Somaliland especially planning and budgeting and expenditure control and management as well as service delivery.

v Up to three years of experience in managing a similar reward system preferably for public institutions and local governments if any.

v Excellent understanding of good governance, principles of good governance, accountability and leadership.

v Up to 3 years of experiences in reviewing and evaluating the performance of local governments and civil society organizations in Somaliland or east Africa.

v At least five years of work experiences in civil society organizations including NGOs, performance evaluation of civil society leaders and organizations.

v Other additional requirements (honesty, Integrity Neutrality, impartially, volunteer).

v The applicant must be committed to meetings of the panel or the committee

v The applicant must be interested in and dedicated to accountability, good governance and development of his/her country of Somaliland.

How to apply:

Interested individuals send their applications (CVs and Cover letter specifying how they meet the requirements) to not later than September 30, 2016. Please put ‘‘Application for Membership of Reward System Management Committee” in the subject line of your email. Due to the urgency of the panel, applications will be reviewed on a regular basis and candidates may be selected before closing date. Unfortunately, only shortlisted volunteers who meet the minimum required will be contacted for further discussions.

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