United States of America: Director of Marketing & PR-Marketing & Development

Organization: Adventist Development and Relief Agency International
Country: United States of America
Closing date: 31 Oct 2016

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) is respected internationally by political and

aid organisations for its global humanitarian work with communities in poverty and distress.

Partnering with communities, aid organisations and governments, ADRA assists over 20 million

people across 139 countries each year and is listed by Forbes as one of the top 200 charities in the

United States.

Founded over 60 years ago by the Seventh‐day Adventist Church to demonstrate God’ love and

compassion, the organisation is frequently first‐on‐scene of world disasters, and operates ongoing

development programs that teach and empower people to become self‐sufficient and selfsustainable.

Such programs include water and sanitation, education, health and nutrition, as well as

women empowerment, climate change adaptation and civil society strengthening.

Much of ADRA’ success is largely due to its partnerships with key stakeholders, be it corporate

America, governments, UN agencies, the church, and of course our valued private donors. These

partnerships are built upon ADRA’ ability to convey a brand that exudes confidence and trust.

ADRA International is a religiously qualified Equal Opportunity Employer under Title VII of the Civil

Rights Act. As such we have the right to prefer a member of the Seventh‐day Adventist (SDA) church

in the hiring process. In the event that a qualified SDA candidate is not found, we will give the

opportunity to candidates who must understand, respect and honour the mission, purpose, and

identity of ADRA International.

This role is responsible for managing ADRA’ brand, through leading a team of dynamic marketers

and communicators to lift the profile of ADRA and increase the level of engagement across all

stakeholder groups.

The role will also see you come face‐to‐ face with the people ADRA support. You will spend time in

the field, visiting the projects and our change champions ‐ the most committed staff on the planet.

To be considered for the role you will need a degree in marketing or a related field and at least five

years’experience in marketing or PR and senior management roles ideally within a faith based

organisation. You will also need to demonstrate success in developing and delivering on a strategic


In addition to your resume please supply an additional document that briefly describes your

experience in a faith based organisation in each of the following areas.

 The type of marketing and PR materials you have developed and the specific role you played

in developing them.

 Your experience in developing an ROI business case for marketing and PR strategies and


 The most successful marketing or PR strategies you have initiated.

 Long term projects you have undertaken utilising the experience of volunteers.

Optional addition: Your own personal involvement in charitable work where you gave your own

time or assistance helping others.

Three or four paragraphs on each is sufficient for the purposes of our understanding, however

should your application not include this additional information we will find it difficult to appraise

your application and it may result in our electing not to proceed further.

The role will attract a corporate salary and national and international travel comprises

approximately 25% of the role.

If you have interest in applying for this role, please send your resume and the additional information

requested to Heather Robertson at heather.robertson@KnowledgeSyndicate.co.nz

How to apply:

If you have interest in applying for this role, please send your resume and the additional information

requested to Heather Robertson at heather.robertson@KnowledgeSyndicate.co.nz

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