Iraq: e-Governance (e-Province) Senior Advisor

Organization: Transtec
Country: Iraq
Closing date: 26 Oct 2016

1. Profile Qualifications And Requirements:

  • Master degree or equivalent in e-Governance, or related field [IT Science, Computer Telecommunication Engineering, Public business administration, etc..

  • A minimum of 11 years relevant work experience for ICT development strategy and implementation where a minimum 6 years of then with proven experience in ICT project development, implementation and management on the national, local and organizational level and 4 years of them with experience in project development, implementation and management;

  • Proven track record in policy development processes associated with e-governance strategy and policy development in developing countries and countries in transition;

  • Proven work experience in Iraq and knowledge of Iraqi culture and context is highly recommended

  • Experience in working and collaborating with governments and local governments in devising high level policy documents and strategies;

  • experience in software design principles, process life cycle and workflow based systems and interactive web-based services;

  • Experience from previous UN assignments and/or International organizations would be an asset.

  • Fluency in both Arabic and English written and oral is required **


Assisting UNDP-Iraq country office in transforming and executing e-readiness in Karbala Governorate, with building the capabilities and resources to implement and maintain e-Governance services across service directorate of Karbala.

Background and Purpose:

UNDP support for e-Governance is part of its ongoing assistance to the Iraq in the framework of public sector modernization support, which aims at providing an integrated approach to e-governance for development within Iraq at the national, regional and local levels in line with the Iraqi National Development Strategy, Iraqi Sustainable Development Goals and National Development Plan and the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) for Iraq.

The range of development challenges faced by the country and emerging global trends and paradigms have created a demand for increased Integrity, Transparency, Accountability and Anti-corruption in government; an improved delivery of services to the public and an increased citizen participation in decision making processes. Iraq, with the support of international development organizations, has moved towards developing programmes aimed at improving governance at several levels. Among the main initiatives are public sector modernization, the decentralization and local government, and the strengthening of dialogue between public sector and civil society. Most significant has been the emergence and increasing opportunities to adopt ICTs as tools to facilitate these processes through e‑Governance Programmes.

In response to better service delivery. The UNDP supported intervention at local level in planning and designing of local government e-Governance programs also referred to as e-Province, and assist in designing of the e-Province architecture. The proposed e-Province model aims at establishing an existing direction for information management and technology in the local governments of Iraq.

To develop e-Province model in Karbala Governorate, UNDP-Iraq will assist the government assessing the e-readiness in the governorate to draw a baseline that shall help identifying the gap in transformation and executing the e-Province and e-Service Excellence with building the capabilities and resources to implement and maintain e-Governance services across service directorate of Karbala.

Scope and expected outputs

Taking into account the importance of this initiative, UNDP is seeking to engage a senior e-province specialist with strong experience in the development and execution of e-province at national and local levels.

The senior e-province specialist is required to work in close consultation with Government of Iraq counterparts at the federal and provincial levels and the IPSM-UNDP. The specialist will perform the following tasks related to the specific deliverables assigned to him/her:

  1. Support the establishment of a baseline for e-Readiness Transformation through a rapid assessment in a participatory consultative manner, as well as prioritization of the e-Services in Karbala Governorate taking into account the nature and particularities in the governorate.

  2. Develop an action plan with the major actions identified to enhance e-readiness transformation for Karbala Governorate. In addition, identify the appropriate strategies for introducing Information Management and Technology and Service Excellence in the Governorate through the e-Province initiative.

  3. Provide recommendations to enhance Karbala Governorate capacity for e-Province roll-out.

Key Performance Indicators during implementation of Services

  • Conduct e-Readiness Transformation assessment

  • Facilitation of workshops and provision of related training materials and agenda

  • Assess the managerial, administrative and technical capacity for the e-province execution

  • Advice and develop on the training plan

  • Submit mission report including recommendations

How to apply:

To apply, kindly follow procedure on our wbsite indicating that you have seen this opportunity on Reliefweb

Project Manager, Ms. Polina Tarassov

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