Myanmar: Consulting Opportunity “Carry out a Labour Market Survey for Young People of Landless/Marginal Famers Households from Bogale Township”

Organization: World Vision
Country: Myanmar
Closing date: 11 Nov 2016

Terms of Reference for a Consulting Firm

World Vision Myanmar

Purpose of consultancy

Carry out a Labour Market Survey for Young People of Landless/Marginal Famers Households from Bogale Township


International and National

Name and title of person with operational responsibility:

Christophe Loubaton, Chief of Party, LIFT Projects

Period of Consultancy:

November 2016 to February 2017


Myanmar is a country in transition, having recently held its first democratic elections in 20 years. With these elections has come an opening up of the country as many sanctions by other countries have been lifted. The economy has been changing rapidly and will most likely continue to do so for the foreseeable future. It is therefore important, when looking at economic sectors, to consider the probable changes which will come as borders continue to open up, trade relations normalize and investments accelerate.

Myanmar is primarily a rural country which relies heavily on its agricultural sector as a source of national income. Agriculture, hunting and forestry are the largest employers in the country accounting for half of total employment. Manufacturing employs only about 6% of economically active population. The remainder of the population is employed in the low-end service sector which is mainly divided between trade/repairs (10.5%), miscellaneous productive activities (7.9%) and renting and business activities (7.1%).

Average farm size in Myanmar is 6.7 acres which is moderate by regional standards. Poor households have smaller land holdings than less-poor households with 4.4 and 7.3 acres respectively. Because of the importance of the agricultural sector in Myanmar, small farm size is correlated to poverty.

Landlessness is found in 50% of the population which consider their primary occupation as agriculture. They are mostly employed as casual workers and tend to be poorer than land owning households.

World Vision Myanmar is implementing a project titled “Growing Livelihoods in Bogale” funded by the Livelihoods and Food Security Trust Fund (LIFT) for three years which aims to improve the economic status, nutritional outcomes, and resilience of landless and vulnerable HHs in 30 villages in Bogale Township, Ayeyarwady Division. This is aligned with LIFT’s overall purpose of increasing livelihood resilience and nutrition of poor people in Myanmar, and Delta priorities of increasing economic opportunities for landless poor and addressing vulnerabilities. This project will be implemented from September 2015 to December 2018.


The purpose is to understand the labour market and business opportunities in the Bogale township are and in Yangon City which is vital for demand-driven TVET and Technical Non Formal Education (TNFE) interventions. Therefore, a comprehensive labour market survey will form the basis for different TVET and TNFE interventions and facilitate understanding of important elements, from skill areas with market demand to the types of jobs and employment opportunities available. The survey will also assess potential TVET and TNFE providers and training institutions to find out their capacity and capability to offer quality skills training and professional courses demanded in the market.

To this end, World Vision Myanmar intends to undertake a labour market survey that covers the Bogale townships and selected villages and Yangon City to inform the opportunities for employment/self-employment for young people that are members of landless and marginal farmer households. World Vision Myanmar is looking for consulting firms or research institutes with significant relevant experience and skills to undertake this survey. The result of the survey is expected to become a basis for development of relevant provision of marked-demanded skills training.


The objectives of this consulting assignment are to identify the major constraints facing job-seekers and potential entrepreneurs from landless/marginal farmer households and to understand where growth, and jobs growth is most likely to occur. This assessment will form the foundation for the outputs on training for jobs and entrepreneurship. All findings will be disaggregated by gender.

The objectives of this assessment are:

Ø Analyze the economic activities of Bogale township, its relationships with other urban centers and how this affects the market opportunities for employment/self-employment

Ø Assess the education and skills levels of young people (ages 15 to 25) living in selected villages of Bogale Township and their capacity/constrains to engage in the labor markets and self-employment in Bogale area and in Yangon city

Ø Identify type of jobs that are available in main markets (Bogale Township, Delta region, Yangon City) that can be filled by TVET/TNFE graduates, with a special focus on highly demanded skills

Ø Find out skill gaps in the market; this should be classified into:

a) Specific type of jobs available and locations.

b) Level of skill required, including attention to aspects of gender and location, initial educational attainment required

Ø Identify the key training courses appropriate for youth living in Bogale villages

Ø Identify TVET/TNFE service providers present in Bogale Township and Yangon in relation to the provision of identified market-demanded courses.

Ø Suggest improvements to existing curricula or suggest development new curricula for developing demanded skills

Ø Assess the importance of accreditation of trainees to engage in the labor market

Ø Identify opportunities for apprenticeship or on the job training with private sector actors in the Bogale township, Delta Region and Yangon city

Ø Identify trends in any key employment-creating sectors in the region

Ø Find out the potential for small business creation for youth living in selected villages of Bogale Township.


The consulting firm will:

Ø Assess the capacity of TVET/TNFE service providers to carry out trainings for the identified courses and to provide a detail of their constrains. This with a particular focus on:

a) Center capacity: training classrooms, machines, washing and sanitary facilities, suitability of center location, etc.

b) Instructors: Experience, level of education, trained or untrained, etc.

c) Working relation with GoUM and whether accredited by the government.

d) Specifically, find out the capacity gaps for the provision of higher technical skills in order to establish pathways to higher education

Ø Identify private sector actors that can provide on the job trainings and apprenticeship opportunities for at least 100 trainees in Bogale Township and in Yangon

Ø Identify potential constrains in the Myanmar context that hinders a dynamic labor market, especially for women

Ø Identify other economically significant sectors where skills deficiencies might constrain future employment and economic growth.

Ø Visit and hold discussions with private employers to find out their attitude towards provision of internships, and identify ways to create stronger linkages with TVET graduates.

Ø Identify companies in Bogale, Ayeyarwaddy Region and Yangon City that can provide jobs to vulnerable youth from Bogale Township villages

Ø Identify challenges faced by TVET graduates in getting employment, especially females, and provide relevant recommendations and ways of creating decent work for females.

Ø Advice on innovative trades that are in demand


The consultant/consulting firm is expected to come up with the best approaches for undertaking this labor market survey. However, the following guiding principles should be taken into consideration:

Ø Desk review of secondary data including project documents, assessments, evaluations and previous labor market surveys.

Ø Gender disaggregated focus group discussions with youth in selected villages of Bogale Township

Ø Interviews with private sector employers, TVET/TNFE centers, relevant government ministries, industries, consultants/consulting firms that have done research/assessments in Myanmar, LIFT, IOM, ILO.

Ø Extensive mapping of gender disggregated labor market needs through primary data collection.

Ø Directly interviews with key staff undertaking the project.

Ø Meetings with companies that have job opportunities for youth in Bogale Township, other Ayeyarwaddy townships and in Yangon city

Consultant/consulting firm is exected to


Ø Deliverables of the service will be assessed and approved as per the objectives, scope and methodology described above.

Ø Inception report in the initial 2 weeks: detailing the methodology including the main research methods, the sampling framework, proposed sources of data, procedures for data collection and analysis, and a draft but detailed table of contents. The proposed research tools will be discussed and approved by World Vision Myanmar before data collection commences.

Ø Report on the findings of the labor market assessment with recommendations for the implementation of technical skills development and entrepreneurship

a) The report will have substantive sections that mirror the bulleted list of 3 and 4, plus a section that describes data sources used for the report

Ø An annex to the report will contain a list of contacts, informants and organizations consulted (both public and private)

Ø Desk research summary document, highlighting key market sectors and related statistics

Ø An electronic copy of all data collection tools and the labor market study data set.

Ø A presentation summarizing the findings


Ø Minimum of 5 years relevant experience in research and labor market studies.

Ø Assigned staff should have post-graduate degree in Social Sciences, Business, Economics, Statistics or related field.

Ø Technical expertise in assessing issues of labor market demand and supply and the ability to draw strong and valid conclusions.

Ø Strong knowledge of TVET programs is essential.

Ø Strong background and experience in data collection and analysis.


WVM can assist with logistics for the timely completion of this consultancy, including:

Ø Domestic travel arrangements

Ø Field visits

Ø Accommodation

Ø Visa assistance

Ø Identification of enumerators/interviewers

Needs for support on these items should be reflected in the proposal and will be part of the proposal evaluation.


Proponents should submit a proposal with a detail implementation plan, describing the methodology and tools to be used in the Labor Market Assessment as well as a schedule, starting on December 7th.

Along with the proposal, interested Consulting Firms should submit a detailed budget including level of effort for each staff, staff fees; transportation & accommodation costs and others necessary to carry out this consultancy service. It is preferred that Myanmar nationals are part of the team as WVM will have limited capacity to provide support staff for international consultant. erm

How to apply:

Closing Date: 11th November, 2016 – Myanmar Standard Time

Interested applicants should submit a proposal including consulting service cost with a resume/CV attached to with subject line, “**Provide technical support to M&E team involved in livelihood and financial inclusion projects**”. Submission deadline via email is 11th November, 2016 before 5 pm,

no late submission will be considered.

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