Somalia: Human Resource Advisor

Organization: CTG Global
Country: Somalia
Closing date: 16 Nov 2016

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Human Resource Advisor

Place of performance:

Somalia/Kenya, Somalia

Contract duration:

up to 12 months

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CTG support and manage humanitarian projects in fragile and conflict-affected countries around the world. With past performance in 15 countries – from the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia and Central and South America – we offer a holistic fabric of project management, implementation and support. Skilled in emergency response to crises such as the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, we have the ability to act quickly (crisis response teams can be on the ground in 24 hours) and to establish structured operations in high-risk environments. CTG recruit and manage qualified, skilled teams with extensive experience operating in challenging conditions.


  1. General Background of Project / Assignment

Our client’s mission is to serve people in need by expanding the ability of the United Nations, governments and other partners to manage projects, infrastructure and procurement in a sustainable and efficient manner.

With over 7,000 personnel spread across 80 countries, Our client offers its partners the logistical, technical and management knowledge they need, wherever they need it.

Currently, Somalia operations are largely focused on assisting partners with the implementation of physical infrastructure projects including the construction and rehabilitation of public administration infrastructure. Our client plays a crucial role in supporting the Somali Government and the UN Assistance Mission in Somalia.

The Ministry of Public Works Reconstruction and Housing (MPWRH) needs to be strategically positioned, staffed and resourced to improve delivery of the Government’s clearly stated strategic and policy directions.

Although the focus for MPWRH’s perceived difficulties in delivery is lack of sufficient budget or equipment, undoubtedly the lack of properly qualified people in the right positions in the right places is one of the most limiting factors for MPWRH in achieving its organisational objectives.

The assignment is to implement a “Talent Acquisition” program to identify, attract and retain suitable qualified officers or to be more proactive by undertaking a planned, targeted Capacity Building Program and an awareness program of career opportunities in the Ministry.

Once a Succession Plan can be devised against the new organisation structure for MPWRH (to be carried out under the Project), officers can be identified for training and the areas of study undertaken confirmed by the combination of Training Needs Analysis, Skills Gap Audit, Succession Planning and Performance Review along with the Ministry’s over-arching Human Resource Development Strategy.

Utilising the Training Needs Analysis and Skills Gap Audit to be prepared by the HR Advisor, the priority Skills Gap areas may be targeted to build planning, management, administration and delivery ability in MPWRH. This will be done for current staff and the newly recruited staff. Progress can be tracked annually by successive Skills Gap Audits and quantified. Performance Review Reports which would provide critical data on progress.

Some of the work items included in the Project for Capacity Building are:-

Intern Program

By identifying and supporting promising undergraduates in Somalia either from State Capital Universities and Colleges or from regional Universities and Colleges and giving holiday placements as “Interns,” it is hoped on graduation that they would return seeking employment in MPWRH.

Youth Employment Program

This Program is aimed to raise awareness and support the youth of Somalia to make school leavers, undergraduates and graduates aware of career opportunities not merely in MPWRH but across the construction sector. The youths included in the Program will leave with skills and certificate to be better equipped in gaining employment and developing a career.

Considerable investment will be made for youths to acquire skills to work in the construction sector. These youth may have no formal qualifications and may not have leaving standard secondary schooling so selection for scholarships or entry into other formal and non-formal training in Somalia is not readily accessible. It is anticipated that negotiations with vocational training centers in Somalia will develop special courses designed for these youths to complete during the Project. Once qualified, these youth could then apply for jobs with contractors and receive assistance provided by the Project.

Capacity Building Program in MPWRH

From our recent discussions with MPWRH, it is identified that there is currently a huge need for basic management, supervision and administration skills training across all sections of the MPWRH. A raft of course will be prepared and contracted to existing in country training providers.

The Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) has requested the African Development Bank (AfDB) to provide funds to Somalia for capacity development of the Ministry of Public Works, Housing and Reconstruction (MPWHR) and sub-Federal State level administrative bodies (hereafter referred to as States’ Administrations or States), thereby enabling them to fulfil their mandates.

The Project is ready for implementation starting in January 2017 for 3 years duration with a project budget of approximately US$7 million. The Project is called the Somalia : Strengthening Institutions for Public Works Project (SSIPWP)

AfDB has now contracted UNOPS to implement the Project that will primarily focus on capacity development of MPWHR and relevant Public Works State Ministries.

UNOPS is now seeking to recruit a HR Advisor for the Project.


Role objective:

The purpose is to enhance capability of the MPWHR to a level that will enable standards of design and implementation management to be sustained at a satisfactory level with minimal assistance after completion of the project. Ultimately, it is planned that the MPWRH will be in a position for more outsourcing of construction works, start to implement simple building maintenance contracts using local contractors and be at a stage where the MPWRH has the systems and procedures in place and be much less dependent on other organization inputs.

The institutional strengthening and capacity building of the MPWRH will be accomplished through workshops and seminars conducted by our client, external training (as appropriate), and development and implementation of standard procedures and codes of practice appropriate for MPWRH operations and responsibilities.

Under the guidance and direct supervision of the Project Manager – Institutional Development Specialist, the Human Resources Advisor will assist the MPWRH to ensure effective delivery of HR services for the Project. The HR Advisor will assist in the interpretation and application of Government of Somalia HR policies, rules and regulations for their civil servants, implements internal procedures and provides solutions to a wide spectrum of complex HR issues with the MPWRH counterpart staff. The HR Advisor is expected to apply theoretical conceptual models, make rudimentary analysis of project parameters in support of greater project development activities.

The HR Advisor will report on the outcomes of the MPWRH Capacity Building Program, review of Succession Planning, Skills Gap Audit, Performance Reviews and Training Needs annually based on emerging priorities. Within the first 4 months from mobilization of the project, the HR Advisor should prepare the annual delivery schedule, costs per month and delivery targets based on Needs Assessment and Skills Gap Audit and emerging needs.

The current project aim is to have in total approximately 60 MPWRH staff and which includes the recruitment of 20 new civil servants during project implementation. MPWRH staff is to be located in Mogadishu and the State Capital MPWRH Offices (which currently are in Baidoa, Kismayo, Beletwyne, Garowe and Baraxley).

Expected output:

• Become familiar and advise on Government of Somalia public service conditions of employments. Consult with the Somalia Labour/Public Service Office in Mogadishu to ensure recruitment and conditions of employment for existing and new recruitments (including all benefits) are in line with Somalia Labour law;

• Assist MPWRH with the recruitment of MPWRH civil servants (approximately 20). This will include preparing position descriptions, advertisement, arranging longlists and shortlisting of applicants, sit in on the interviews, prepare interview minutes and make recommendations;

• Review current HR systems and provide suggestions to the MPWRH Project Coordinator, to enhance and provide efficiency to the recruitment process;

• Support, organize and follow a hiring practice in coordination with relevant supervisors;

• Assist in the entire process of the hiring, probation, evaluation, promotion, and termination of staff;

• Review current and establish salary scales for new recruitments for the MPWRH and UNOPS PM;

• Train MPWRH counterpart HR Manager and HR staff;

• Provide advice to the Ministry staff on all HR matters as required;

• Assist in the deployment and management of MPWRH staff in the State Capitals;

• Provide opportunities through the project for future employment for the youth of Somalia in the construction sector;

• Assist MPWRH in preparing longlists and short lists for youth employment, apprenticeships, interns and entrepreneurs for the Project;

• Assist and advise the private sector in increasing its participation in employing youth in construction;

• Coordinate with MPWRH to develop systems and procedures for implementation of the Project, and prepare tools for use by MPWRH human resource section, such as manuals, guidelines and procedures, all record keeping of MPWRH staff such as attendance, leave, trainings, performance reviews, promotions, terminations etc;

• Implement the detailed capacity management and training strategy and action plan, including performance indicators, prepared for the Project;

• Support and implement MPWRH administrative policies and procedures, such as: review Per Diem policy, traveling in Somalia, prepare and update HR manual for MPWRH to ensure compliance with the Somalia labour law;

• Assist in staff contracts modifications and establish contract tracking system;

• Ensure that all new staff receive full induction into the organization;

• Provide guidance and direction to staff on compensation and benefits;

• Maintain leave tracking system (sick/annual/home/holiday) for international and national staff;

• Bring potential personnel problems and achievements to the attention of relevant management;

• Recruit, support, train, and develop HR staff;

• Maintain historical human resource records using a filing and retrieval system;

• Communicate areas of change in both policy and procedure to all staff;

• Identify training needs and develop internal and external training opportunities for staff;

• Maintain confidentiality and professionalism for all personnel paperwork, records, and issues.

Project reporting:

Reports to the project manager

Team management:

Will manage 20 Civil Servants across Somalia



§ Master’s degree in Human Resources, Public Administration or other equivalent relevant qualification). and/or PhD degree in related field.

Work experience:

§ Minimum of 6 years of demonstrable relevant Human Resources experience.

Geographical experience:

§ Minimum of 6 years of experience in Africa with local experience in Somalia/Kenya is an advantage.


§ Fluency in English and Somali are essential.

Key competencies:

• Ability to lead strategic planning, results-based management and reporting

• Ability to lead recruitment, contracts management, performance appraisal, career development management, build teams, maintain high personnel morale

• Strong IT skills

• Ability to lead implementation of new systems (business side), and affect personnel behavioural / attitudinal change

• Good team player attitude.

• Remains calm, in control even under pressure.

Other relevant information:

The following Deliverables are required: Training Needs Analysis Skills Gap Audit Succession Planning Performance Reviews procedures HR Manual Human Resource Development Strategy. Training Modules, Plans and Reports

How to apply:

Interested candidates should create a profile and apply on CTG Global careers website Please refer to the vacancy number: VAC-0305. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview.

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