South Sudan: South Sudan – A Base Administrator in Pamat

Organization: Première Urgence Internationale
Country: South Sudan
Closing date: 30 Nov 2016

Première Urgence Internationale (PUI) is a non-governmental, non-profit, non-political and non-religious international aid organization. Our teams are committed to supporting civilians’ victims of marginalization and exclusion, or hit by natural disasters, wars and economic collapses, by answering their fundamental needs. Our aim is to provide emergency relief to uprooted people in order to help them recover their dignity and regain self-sufficiency. The association leads in average 190 projects by year in the following sectors of intervention: food security, health, nutrition, construction and rehabilitation of infrastructures, water, sanitation, hygiene and economic recovery. PUI is providing assistance to around 5 million people in 20 countries – in Africa, Asia, Middle East, Eastern Europe and France.

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Humanitarian situation and needs

In the Republic of South Sudan (SSD), more than 2 years of armed conflict have shattered the lives of millions of people. 2014 and 2015 have been years of continued instability due to unresolved border issues (between Sudan and South Sudan) and more importantly due to the civil war between SPLM/A forces loyal to President S. Kiir and SPLA-IO loyal to the rebel leader R. Machar, former vice-president. As of beginning of 2015; at least six out of 10 states are affected by armed violence, 1.66 million people have been displaced within the country, more than 640.000 refugees have fled out of the country, 3.9 million people are severely food insecure. Among IDPs, about 180.000 people have found refuge in UNMIS PoCs. All this needs to be considered in a very young country within which virtually the entire population has experienced forced displacement at least 1 time and hence where resilience is massively jeopardized.

Northern Bahr el Ghazal (NBeG) and Warrap states (where PUI is respectively operating since Feb. 2015 and planning to start operating in spring 2016) have been and still are largely neglected by humanitarian assistance because of their peripheral situation with regards to the armed conflict. However, a deterioration of the humanitarian context is to be noted and new displacements are still an option for the coming months.

Our action in the field

PUI has been operating in SSD since February 2015 and intends to extend the coverage of its current intervention. Addressing urgent needs of the most vulnerable in the targeted areas is planned through the following strategic objectives:

  • Improvement of the access to health care services
  • Reduction of the risks associated with food insecurity and undernutrition

Other strategic objectives will be considered in 2016 and will be used to define complementary pulti-sector needs assessemnts in the area where PUI is already operational but might also cover new counties/states depending on the evolution of the political/security situation. The sectors PUI would like to investigate are the following: Shelter & NFIs, Water Sanitation & Hygiene, Rehabilitation & Construction and Economic Recovery.

In 2015 PUI has implemented the following projects in the county of Aweil North (NBeG State):

  • Access to Primary Health Care services:

A Primary Health Care Centre has been fully operational in Malual Centre Payam and associated to outreach and community based activities in an area where host community is massively vulnerable and where movements are stil recorded. The targeted area is virtually free from other type of humanitarian intervention. This project is funded by ECHO DG, will be extended in time in 2016 and shall be scaled-up in 2016 by the operating of a second PHCC in West Gogrial county (Warrap State).

  • Food Security and Nutrition:

Food distributions have targeted about 600 IDP households in Aweil North County as well as the families of patients discharged after having been treated for Acute Sever Undernutrition in the PHCC. This project has been supported by CIAA in 2015 and has also allowed distributing daily food parcels to patients and care-takers at the PHCC level. This project is supposed to be extended in 2016.

The financial volume of operation in 2016 should be superior to the volume of 2015 thanks to the scaling up of operations in Warrap county.

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As part of our activities in South Sudan, we are looking for a Base Administrator.

The Administrator works in close collaboration with the Administrative and Financial Coordinator in sound financial, accounting and budgetary management of the base as well as management of human resources, in compliance with the procedures of PUI and donors.

  • Human Resources: He/She supervises the on-site activities related to administrative and human resource management.
  • Administrative and Financial Support: He/She oversees administrative and financial questions at the site, and ensures compliance with relevant procedures, with substantive support from the mission’s Administrative and Financial Coordinator (AFC).

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Training and Experiences


Financial/accounting management

Professional Experiences:




Knowledge and Skills:

Knowledge of institutional donor procedures


Pack Office, Excel compulsory

Saga is a plus



French and / or other languages (to be specified)

Proposed Terms

Employed with a Fixed-Term Contract – 12 months

Starting date: November 2016

Monthly gross income: from 1 815 up to 2 145 Euros depending on the experience in International Solidarity + 50 Euros per semester seniority with PUI

Cost covered: Round-trip transportation to and from home / mission, visas, vaccines…

Insurance including medical coverage and complementary healthcare, 24/24 assistance and repatriation

Housing in collective accommodation

Daily living Expenses (” Per diem »)

Break Policy : 5 working days at 3 and 9 months + break allowance

Paid Leaves Policy : 5 weeks of paid leaves per year + return ticket every 6 months

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How to apply:

Please, send your application (Resume and Cover letter) to Karine Mougenot, Chargée de Ressources Humaines Expatriées at with the following subject : “BaseAdmin–SouthSudan».

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