Switzerland: Manager, Media and Advocacy

Organization: International Federation of Red Cross And Red Crescent Societies
Country: Switzerland
Closing date: 08 Nov 2016

Desired profile:

You are a highly motivated media and advocacy leader obsessed with chasing down opportunity. You will lead a team of committed communications officers to develop and execute IFRCs global media strategy and advocate on behalf of local communities, vulnerable groups and people in need. You will lead the media positioning of the IFRC in the humanitarian arena and in setting the agenda, pro-actively enable leadership of IFRC to express and advocate for – coherently and consistently – the needs of local communities, vulnerable groups and people in need. You are an experienced media manager and spokesperson with an established network of media contacts. You will undertake sustained proactive media outreach around IFRC communication priorities and ensure rapid response to breaking news and new developments. You will work closely the global team in Geneva, regions and countries, to expand IFRCs media reach and engagement. You will monitor and analyse the humanitarian landscape and advise on reputational risks and opportunities.

Job duties and Responsibilities:

Lead IFRCs global media and advocacy strategy

  • Develop and manage the implementation of a global strategy for IFRC media and advocacy coordinating and integrating globally the efforts of departments in Geneva, regional offices and reference centres
  • Translate IFRCs communication priorities and advocacy objectives into media strategy and outcomes
  • Increase IFRCs media engagement in accordance with communications priorities, advocacy objectives and institutional values, profile, reputation and branding
  • Manage IFRC media strategy in accordance with advocacy objectives and institutional values through proactive outreach to promote IFRC communications priorities
  • Coordinate system of production of high quality content for institutional media products including campaign materials, press releases, speeches, opinion editorials, web copy, social media content etc.

Develop and manage systems for scanning and analysis of humanitarian and media landscape globally and advise on media and advocacy strategy

  • Manage a system for scanning and analysing the humanitarian environment and media landscape including monitoring media and influencers
  • Develop a global system for sharing analysis and developments and early strategic advice about developments in humanitarian environment
  • Identify and advise IFRC leadership on emerging reputational risks and opportunities.

Serve as chief spokesperson on running issues

  • Represent IFRC as the international membership body for 190 National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies to media and in international fora
  • Ensure coordinated and strategic approaches and messaging around IFRC communications priorities with departments, regions, reference centres and National Societies.
  • Act as the media authority of the IFRC and maintain and grow a strong network of media organisations, professionals and opinion leaders

Be a role model in inspiring, leading and managing a productive, positive and high-performing team

  • Be accountable to the director on delivering results, serve as a pro-active strategic adviser and be a dynamic and engaged member of the departments management team
  • Define clear roles, accountabilities and activities, and assign them across the team members on an ongoing basis while improving efficiencies within available resources
  • Plan, manage and monitor the use of available resources (people, budgets, etc.) of the team in order to deliver the agreed activities for area of responsibility, and ensure business continuity over irregular hours when needed.
  • Work effectively in a matrixed, multilevel global organization actively working to break down silos and address disconnects
  • Ensure effective coordination and engagement across departments, regional and field offices, facilitate partnerships with members and active exchange with peers, partners and stakeholders
  • Foster a culture of results, accountability, proactivity, innovation, quality and integrity
  • Create a working environment that ensures staff growth, motivation and satisfaction.


  • 10 years working experience in a humanitarian, development, policy, government or related sector.
  • Extensive professional experience in media and advocacy in an international or cross-cultural environment.

How to apply:

If you wish to apply, please go on this link on the IFRC website.

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