Turkey: Communications Associate for an international donor fund

Organization: Gopa Worldwide Consultants
Country: Turkey
Closing date: 02 Nov 2016

Communications Associate

GOPA Consultants are searching for a suitable candidate for the position “Communications Associate” for an international donor fund program. Work location is Adana, Turkey.

For information on GOPA Consultants please kindly refer to www.gopa.de

The below mentioned Management Unit (MU) was established to manage the Fund and its allocations to projects addressing reconstruction, recovery and relief in Syria. The MU prioritizes projects for which there is a clear need for urgent repair and recovery of essential public services and a capable local entity responsible for such services, which with appropriate support can restore and operate the essential public services. The MU will support potential partners to develop specific project concepts and proposals.

Timeframe of Assignment: Long-term contract

Context within the Management Unit: Associate in the Communications Section of the Management Unit

Supervision and guidance received: Communication Section Head

Key responsibilities

  • To support in developing brand and Identity guide,

  • To assist in preparations and arrangements for media events, publications, advertising and branding;

  • Collect information, data, photos (and eventually videos) usable for the development of contents for the website

  • Upload updates contents on the website,

  • Maintain social media accounts,

  • Assist in the development of contents for the monthly and quarterly newsletters for the general public as well as for Stakeholders, by liaising with relevant MU staff (including FCO) and keeping abreast of project activities on the ground

  • Assist in the in the development of the Quarterly and Annual Progress Reports for the Stakeholders, by providing inputs for write ups

  • Assist in preparation and distribution of Press Releases , News Items (Nis), Information Sheets on new projects and updating of exist projects’ info sheets and other communication products

  • Assist in handing media relations through liaison with on-line media and print media,

  • Assist in the implementation of public affairs activities,

  • Keep up to date on relevant issues affecting the programme,

  • Assist the SRTF Secretariat in required the communications for meetings / events coordination, organization, management and post meetings / events,

  • General admin duties as required by the Head of Communication Sector,

  • And, execute any other task required by the Head of Communication Sector.

Critical competencies (Minimum qualifications**)**

  • Ability and readiness to work in a multi-cultural environment

  • Good knowledge of Syrian affairs

  • Ability to network relations with Syrian, regional and international media

  • Strong written and verbal communications and facilitation skills, even under time pressure

  • Fluency in spoken and written English & Arabic

Additional advantages

  • Experience in working in Syria and/or neighboring countries

Work experience

  • At least 2 years of experience in a similar post with a proven track record of similar responsibilities, preferably in a development cooperation context

  • Good working knowledge and of web-based media and social networks

  • Familiar with Microsoft Office and further IT programs necessary for the execution of the tasks.

Personal characteristics (generally describe the ideal candidate)

  • Good motivation skills

  • Results oriented

  • Excellent inter-personal communication

  • Team worker

  • Able to multi-task across projects

  • Thorough and detail oriented ‪

Note: Entering Syria is not required for this position.

How to apply:

If you are interested in the assigned position, please kindly send your application via email to Juergen.Paulussen@gopa.de. Please activate automatic acknowledgement of receipt function.

The application should include the following documents and information:

  • Your CV in English language

  • A list of reference persons with contact details, if not included in the CV already.

Candidates who are considered for further evaluation and for recommendation to the client will be notified within two weeks after reception of the application.

Please kindly understand that all other candidates will not be notified.

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