Uganda: Regional Consultant for Regional Training of Nile Basin Journalists

Organization: Nile Basin Initiative
Country: Uganda
Closing date: 24 Oct 2016

1.0 Background

The NBI Communication and Stakeholder Engagement Strategy 2013-2016 identifies and prioritizes the media among NBI’s key stakeholders, whose support is deemed critical to the successful attainment of the NBI Shared Vision Objective. The critical role of media was also recognized by participants attending the 4th Nile Basin Development Forum (NBDF) who later issued a Declaration urging owners of national media houses, reporters, journalists and other media professionals to help create a new norm that brings Nile Cooperation to the fore of communication agenda setting.

In this regard, the Nile Basin Initiative Secretariat, within its core function of ‘Facilitating Basin Cooperation’, would like to enhance basin-wide Nile Cooperation by conducting annual regional training workshops for journalists in the Nile Basin region, among other ways. The aim of the training is to build the capacity of media in the region by equipping them with factual information and knowledge that will enable them report authoritatively on issues surrounding Nile Cooperation and the Nile Basin. In so doing, we aim to promote wider awareness and enhanced knowledge about regional cooperation processes in the Nile Basin region, by examining opportunities and benefits associated with cooperative water management and development.

2.0 Scope of the Assignment

The NBI Secretariat is seeking to engage a Regional Consultant to work in collaboration with an international consultant and in consultation with the NBI Secretariat, to provide technical assistance in facilitating a 5-day regional media training workshop, which will involve journalists from each of the 10 Nile Basin Initiative Member States.

The assignment will involve designing a 5-day training programme, including developing topics of discussion for the duration.

3.0 Specific tasks

Working in collaboration with the international consultant and consultation with the Secretariat:

· Develop a methodology on how the assignment will be conducted.

· Design training programme for the five-day duration, with daily objectives and expected outcomes.

· Develop topics for discussion and presentation based on overall objective.

· Mediate group discussions among journalists.

· Facilitate panel discussions between panellists ranging from religious leaders to water resources management experts and the media.

· Lead and shape discussions on matters arising from field study to an NBI facilitated investment project in Rwanda.

· Select best practices and examples of basin-wide cooperation to be showcased during the training.

· Shape the discussion to manage expectations of participants.

· Organise each day’s programme in a time-efficient manner to ensure achievement of the day’s objectives.

· Deliver on some of the training topics as per final programme.

· Liaise with International consultant, Regional Communications Specialist and Media Relations Expert to organise and execute the entire programme.

· Quality assurance of the presentations by other speakers.

· Submit end of training report

4.0 Deliverables

  • Develop 5-day media training programme as well as training materials
  • Facilitate training workshop
  • Submit end of training report

How to apply:

Interested individual consultants satisfying the required qualification and skills are invited to submit their application with a cover letter to the contact below, latest 24th October 2016.

The Procurement Officer

Nile Basin Initiative Secretariat

P.O. Box 192 Entebbe, Uganda

Plot 12 Mpigi Road


Additional Information can be obtained on the Nile Basin Website at

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