Integration Manager

Organization: War Child UK
Closing date: 14 Dec 2016

Contract Type: Initial 12 months’ contract with the possibility to extend for another 12 months

Reports to: Dual reporting to CEO of War Child Holland and CEO of War Child UK

Working with: The Integration Manager will work with multiple contacts across both organisations. This will include consultation and collaboration with individuals in every team, as well as inter and intra team task groups that are convened to progress aspects of the transition plan.

Responsible for:

· Part time Communications Manager (50% FTE)

· Part time Strategy Manager (25% FTE)

Location: London or Amsterdam

1. Overview:

War Child was established more than twenty years ago to fight for the rights of children affected by armed conflict. We are a specialist agency focussing on child protection, psycho-social support, education and family support in acute and protracted crises. Our operations range from psycho-social support to traumatised children in Syria and Iraq, to education for displaced and refugee children in Jordan and South Sudan, to youth justice in Afghanistan and DRC. We have developed our programmes, and our vision, with a strong focus on innovation in response, creativity in fundraising and communications, and a commitment to evidence based solutions and advocacy.

War Child Holland and War Child UK are separate organisations, but have committed to a future of closer collaboration. In an age of escalating conflict and its unprecedented impact on children around the world we believe that an approach which shares resources and expertise will result in better outcomes for the children we work with and allow us to operate at greater scale. This vision is in line with sector trends as NGO families combine their operations for reasons of efficiency, quality and brand consistency.

War Child UK and War Child Holland have agreed a road map that will result in the programme operations of the two organisations being combined under a single line management. There are clear milestones on the way to this destination which will see us develop common standards and policies, establish the mechanisms for sharing resources and technical expertise, developing global branding strategy, and build the systems and governance structures that will manage the merged programme operations. By 2019 we expect to establish an independent entity that will manage programmes for War Child in the region of Euro 50 million per year across 14 of the world’s most conflict affected countries. This role will help us to realise our ambitious vision of a common programmes platform delivering programmes on behalf of an increasing number of War Chid members, under the umbrella of War Child Global.

2. Purpose of Post:

We are seeking a world class manager with the vision and experience to lead War Child Holland and UK on our journey to combined programme operations and the establishment of War Child Global. With the emphasis on integration and collaboration we are defining this role as our Integration Manager. You will have substantial experience of change processes within the INGO sector and be able to drive the transformation at both the strategic and detailed operational level. The role of the Integration Manager involves a high degree of consultation, and the ability to bring a large number of dispersed and diverse colleagues along with the process, so skills in participation, transparency and communication are paramount. It’s a complex and many layered process, so you will need to be able to progress multiple projects and priorities, chart progress against the agreed milestones, and help War Child to judge when we are ready to move on through the various phases of journey. Your success will unlock enormous potential to bring much needed support for children affected by armed conflict.

You will manage the Change Communication Officer, currently envisaged as a 50% role.

Reporting to the two CEOs, the role will require broadly equal amounts of time to be spent in our London and Amsterdam offices, as well as continual consultation with the country teams, and occasional travel to country programmes. You will build the architecture that will transform the organisation: establishing the shared theory of change and standards that will underpin our programmes; designing the planning and reporting systems that will allow the rationale and transparent sharing of resources; developing global branding strategy; ensuring that we have strong finance, HR and grant management systems behind the shared programme delivery; building the governance and organisational structures for the new entity.

Our Integration Manager will be central to the transformation of the organisation. The role presents a unique opportunity for the right candidate to achieve lasting and sustainable change in an institution that is open to doing things differently and to learning lessons from the experience of “family consolidation” elsewhere in the development and humanitarian sector.

3. Job Specification

Over a two-year period, the Integration Manager will lead War Child through three change phases. These phases have been described as the stage camps on a mountain climb. At the end of each phase we need to check that we have achieved the objectives and passed the agreed milestones, and agree together to progress on to the next stage. These need to be presented to the boards of both organisations.

Phase One: Initiation

During Phase One the Integration Manager will be responsible for ensuring that we progress the development of shared standards and ways of working. This will be done through the convening of a virtual “collaboration hub” which will bring together colleagues from across the organisation to establish these common approaches, including:

· A shared Theory of Change

· Common planning and reporting processes, including the way in which we present reach and results and invest unrestricted funding in our country programmes

· Shared operational standards, including a common approach to security management

· Shared technical standards for our core interventions

· A common framework for Research and Development, and for Knowledge Management

· A global branding strategy

· A joined-up approach to Global Advocacy

· A strategy for IT convergence

Phase Two: Integrating Systems

During Phase Two the Integration Manager will be responsible for ensuring that the systems that will underpin the shared programmes platform are established. These will include HR and Finance systems, as well as a shared IT system. Crucial during this phase will be the development of a grants management system that will meet the requirements of both the members and the programmes delivery platform. The Integration Manager will also ensure that we have a coherent approach to brand management throughout the change process and as we establish the new entity. And crucial during this phase will be the development of a common MEAL system that ensures a consistent approach to data management, project monitoring and accountability.

During this phase the Integration Manager will also ensure that we develop a set of policies that will back up the systems that are developed for the new organisations.

The Integration Manager will work with the part time Strategy Manager to ensure the development of a Global Strategy for War Child Global.

Phase Three: Shared Programme

During this final phase, we establish and launch the independent entity of the shared programme platform. The Integration Manager will ensure that the structure of the new entity is fit for purpose, and that it relates effectively to the functions and systems of the members. S/he will oversee the process by which positions within the existing War Child members are mapped and migrated over the War Child Global structure. The smooth transition of contracts and of award (grant) management is a crucial responsibility during this phase.

The Integration Manager will ensure that the legal and compliance requirements of the new entity are in place, and this includes the legal status and registration of the War Child country offices as they migrate to the management of War Child Global.

This phase will also establish the working and communications protocols that will ensure the effective functioning of the virtual management model on which the shared programmes platform will be based

4. Person Specification

War Child’s office is a lively and fast-paced environment made up of a team of extremely dedicated staff & volunteers. We’re looking for someone who can fit in well and bring their personality, creativity and professionalism to our communications and the wider charity.

We are recruiting an experienced change manager who can demonstrate previous experience of leading change processes, preferably within the INGO sector. Essential requirements for the role are:

· Strong project management skills, with the ability to design, lead and deliver results across multiple simultaneous project strands.

· The experience and ability to move between process management, change management, tactical and operational issues.

· Excellent writing and presentation skills

· Capacity to design and implement consultation processes which add to the quality of decisions and build the confidence of participants in the outcomes.

· Communication skills which clearly and transparently ensure that all stakeholders have the information they need to feel engaged in the process.

· Good skills in budgeting and longer range financial planning

· Good meeting facilitation skills

· A personal profile the brings positive energy, can-do mentality and a sense of both humour and perspective.

· Right to work in the UK (London-base) or the Netherlands (Amsterdam-base)

5. Contractual Terms (Dependent on the base location: Amsterdam or London)

Length of contract: Initial 12 months contract with the possibility to extend for another 12 months

Working Hours: Full time, 37.5 hours per week

Probation: 6 months

Start date: 03 January 2017

Travel: Will travel regularly between London and Amsterdam, and may be requested to travel to other destinations as needed

Salary: £50,663 per annum (London) or € (Amsterdam)

Leave: 28 days (London) or 30 days (Amsterdam) pa pro-rata, depending on base location

Pension: Matching contribution to your private pension up to 5% of gross salary

Other: As defined in standard War Child contract terms and conditions

How to apply:

· Contact for War Child Application form. All completed applications must reach War Child office or by 14 December 2016.

· Due to limited resources, War Child HR will contact only the shortlisted candidates

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