Organization: Humanitarian Leadership Academy
Country: Kenya
Closing date: 12 Dec 2016

The Humanitarian Leadership Academy (the “Academy”) is seeking proposals from interested organisations to undertake market research on the supply and demand of learning products & services for humanitarian workers in Kenya. For the purposes of this request for proposals (“RFP”). Your proposal response must be received in the following format:
Fully complete Proposal Response as laid out the sections on the organisations website ( in order that your proposal may be regarded as compliant. Any proposals returned not completed may be treated as void
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We would appreciate if you would notify us in advance of your intent to bid. If you wish to consider participating in a multi-agency bid with other researchers, please let us know if you are happy for your contact details to be shared with other interested parties who contact us to do the same. Should you require further information or clarification on the proposal requirements, please contact Dara Leyden, Sustainable Enterprise Adviser in writing at:

How to apply:

Soft-copy to be submitted by email to Dara Leyden, Sustainable Enterprise Adviser at Files should be named: “[Your company name] – Kenya Market Research Proposal – [date: yyyy-mm-dd]”; and/or Your return proposal must be received by 12 o’clock (midnight, GMT), 12 December 2016 (“the Closing Date”). Failure to do this may result in the proposal being void.

We look forward to receiving a proposal from you and thank you for your interest in our account.

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