Organization: International Planned Parenthood Federation
Country: Kenya
Closing date: 02 Dec 2016


The International Planned Parenthood Federation -Africa Region (IPPFAR), a network of Civil Society Organizations working in 42 countries in the Sub-Saharan Africa has embarked on a funding initiative named Africa Citizens Initiative (ACI). The initiative aims at providing sustainability to IPPFAR’s Sexual and Reproductive Health and Right (SRHR) programming on the African continent as well as galvanizing commitment to SRHR issues by all Africans in order to ensure the continent reaps the demographic dividend, freeing up of resources for the continent’s economic development and the future prosperity of its population. The goal is to mobilize IPPFAR’s 39,000 volunteers in 42 countries to engage in peer-to-peer fundraising and recruit 250,000 individual donors who are contributing $250 annually.

The initiative is being implemented in all of the 42 countries in partnership with ECOBANK which is responsible for providing and managing the collection bank-related channels (web-acquiring, bank transfers, and bank deposits) of the funds raised through this initiative. IPPFAR’s 42 national affiliates, called Member Associations, are responsible for managing the collection of credit card and cash donations at MA events, etc.

In order to ensure robust internal controls and risk management systems are in place to prevent possible misappropriation of funds raised through the initiative and effective accountability, IPPFAR is seeks to recruit a qualified consultant to undertake a comprehensive risk assessment analysis of the initiative and suggest mitigating measures which will inform the development of policies/procedures to effectively manage the initiative and related proceeds.


The objective of the consultancy services is to undertake a comprehensive assessment and evaluation of potential risks associated with the ACI Initiative and recommend mitigating actions for implementation to guide policy and procedure development for an efficient and effective management of the initiative.

  1. SCOPE

  2. Analysis the risk environment of the ACI

  3. Identify the potential and actual risks

  4. Document the identified risks

  5. Rank or evaluate the risks

  6. Propose suitable risk mitigation measures

  7. Design and implement practical tools and techniques for risk managements (key indicators, incident management, compliance, action point tracking and monitoring reporting.


    The consultant shall submit a report, outlining the following but not limited to:

  9. Risks identified and their nature;

  10. An evaluation of each risk identified (Likelihood of occurrence and severity of potential impact);

  11. Recommended mitigating measures for implementation.

  12. Recommendations on data capturing and reconciliation procedures.


    The duration of the consultancy services is 16th January 2017 to 27th January 2017.


    A final report shall be submitted latest on 30th January 2017 disclosing all work done in comparison with expectations, achievements, any unexpected shortcomings and the reasons for such and the way forward.


  16. Adequate qualification and experience in Risk Management

  17. Qualification in Finance/Accounting with managerial experience.

  18. Appropriate experience in banking services and systems development

  19. High practical experience at decision management level

  20. Proficiently conversant with the fundraising practices by International organisations such as IPPF Africa Region.

  21. Fluency in French and English is must and required (verbal, writing and reading).

How to apply:


    Consultants are invited to submit proposals, comprising of a technical proposal, financial proposal, methodology plan, work plan and CVs with proof of accomplishment of similar works before. Deadline for submission of the proposals is 2nd December 2017 to

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