Turkey: Grants Officer

Organization: Balad
Country: Turkey
Closing date: 15 Nov 2016

Who we are?

Balad is a non-profitable, non-governmental, and non-political Syrian civil society organization, works to serve the Syrian people on Syria’s land and beyond, in the economic, relief, and social sectors.


Grants and corporate official in general is one of those responsible for marketing the organization itself to present it to other properly, marketing programs and projects of the organization and its campaigns, initiatives and secure the necessary financing, in addition to marketing the organization products which are produced within the organization administration and its economic projects.

Main responsibilities

  1. Determine the needs of Balad organization of the grants required and needs reinter for programs and projects studied.

  2. Determined the general strategic goals with regard to marketing the programs and projects of the organization, its campaign and its initiatives, and then put a strategic marketing plan of the organization based on setting goals adopted.

  3. Put the annual and special marketing plans of the organization for each project with contributing to the preparation of paragraphs on marketing in the enterprise surveys.

  4. Marketing the organization projects with potential donors and open channels of communication with them.

  5. Provide extra income from the sources of funding of foreign, Arab and local organization, and open channels of communication with them on the different kinds.

  6. Create detailed data base for donors from the organization, individuals, association and international or Syrian governments, particular those interested in Syrian affaires and labor on it ,this data includes general information about this entities and sector that are active and the precedent their own business within the territory of the Syrian base, in addition to updating it continuously to collect and analyze data on customers and make sure that the clients goals had been applied and achieved.

  7. Open channels of communication with new donors and maintain the communication and serious relations with donor partners.

  8. Management the agreement oversees the hiring and memoranda of understanding between the organization and supporting actors.

  9. Follow up the relationship between the donor and the organization and save all the necessary documents.

  10. Working with the directorate of operation for the perception and views considered by donors to ensure the achievement of the organization and donor wish.

  11. Communication with financial management to follow the interim procedures for projects.

  12. Participation in the formulation of the organization’s plans in all kinds.

  13. Drawing grants plan potential funding opportunities to the donor and international organization and submit periodic reports to the administration.

Secondary responsibilities(complementary to the main tasks)

  1. Preparation of periodic reports according to the executive management view and submission deadlines as well as to attend the regular meeting to the executive management and prepared the operational budget required for Directorate of Marketing and budgets of marketing for each project, in addition to do all the tasks assigned by this administration and within the duties and powers.

  2. Coordinate with the mangers in the organization to ensure the work within strategic insights or unified stage.

  3. Maintain on general harmony between members of the organization to ensure the absolute cooperation as real work team.

  4. Direct action and coordination with studies teams in the organization to do professional studies for the projects and implementation team to ensure the smooth implementation of product marketing plans.

Limits of the powers

  1. It has the powers of the contract negotiations.

  2. Commissioner adoption the vacations workers in the department grant.

Periodic tasks

  1. Weekly action plan.

  2. Weekly work report.

  3. Monthly donor agenda.

  4. Monthly work report.

  5. Priorities monthly project report.

Working conditions

  1. Ability to travel.

  2. Achieved former refers to the ability of marketing in the same jurisdiction.

  3. Pervious success stories refer to the ability to challenge and creativity.

Qualifications and skills required

  1. University degree economics, management or equivalent to it.

  2. Proficiency in the English language.

  3. Experience of the work of the marketing and promotion of not less than five years.

  4. Experience in marketing projects with civil society organization not less than two years.

  5. High skills in communication and negotiation.

  6. Highly skilled in the use of the Microsoft word and excel.

  7. Highly skilled in the use of the internet.

Accredited to work references

  1. Programs and projects policy.

  2. Job description required for the job.

How to apply:

To apply for this position please submit a CV and covering letter describing your relevant experience in relation to the requirements for this post to the Human Resource Manager at: career@baladsyria.org

Please write job code BLD-JTR/152-001/ in the email subject.

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