United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland: DRC Community Forest Consortium Coordinator

Organization: Rainforest Foundation UK
Country: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Closing date: 29 Nov 2016

Job Description

Effective from: November 2016

Duration of contract: until March 2019

Reporting to: Democratic Republic of Congo Programme Manager

Close working relationship with: Community Forests Project Officer, Head of Programmes, Admin and Finance Coordinator, Community Forests Specialist, Amin. and Finance Officer, Research and Policy Coordinator, Mapping Coordinator , Finance Manager staff and consultants in the Programmes Team.

The Rainforest Foundation UK

The mission of the Rainforest Foundation UK (RFUK) is to support indigenous peoples and traditional populations of the world’s rainforest to:

· Secure and control the natural resources necessary for their long-term wellbeing and to manage these resources in ways which do not harm their environment, violate their culture or compromise their future.

· Develop means to protect their individual and collective rights and to obtain, shape and control basic services from the state.

RFUK considers that an essential first step to protect and manage the tropical forests and to reduce poverty in tropical forest countries is to realise the rights of the traditional and indigenous communities who live in those forests. With secure rights to land and livelihoods, forest peoples can effectively manage forest resources and direct and manage their own development. Founded in 1989, RFUK has in the past 20 years built a solid body of work based on this rights-based approach to development and protection of the rainforest. Although our work is focused on the Congo Basin, where RFUK has worked since 1996, we also work in the Peruvian Amazon.

RFUK tackles the underlying causes of deforestation linked to the problems of disenfranchisement of indigenous forest peoples globally and locally. From the field to the international policy arena, RFUK reinforces the active participation of forest peoples in the decisions that affect them. We work with over 15 partner organisations in tropical forest countries and our programme work is split into the following thematic areas:

  • Threats to forests from the extractive industries, infrastructure development and agro-industrial expansion;
  • Conservation effectiveness and monitoring of initiatives to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD);
  • Community-based forest management, land-use planning and tenure reform;
  • Community mapping and forest monitoring;
  • Indigenous peoples’ rights.

RFUK currently has 25 staff, with a number of volunteers or interns at any given time. It is governed by a Board of seven Trustees. The London-based Foundation is part of a network of sister organisations, which also include the Rainforest Foundation US and the Rainforest Foundation Norway.

The Programmes Team

The Programmes Team at the Rainforest Foundation UK is one of three teams in the organisation and is the main team responsible for the implementation of our projects under the eight themes cited above.

RFUK Programme in the DRC

RFUK is implementing several projects in the DRC which form a coherent approach contributing to overall programmes strategy. The post-holder will work on the DRC Community Forests project and will be part of the DRC Programme team.

Supporting the implementation of Community Forests in the DRC

Although traditional tenure and forest governance systems in the Congo Basin have remained generally stable and resilient over long periods of time, formal community based forest management is still in its infancy and faces significant challenges. The political economy favours large scale land allocations, whilst the necessary legal and institutional frameworks to formalise and secure customary forest tenure systems tend to be either lacking or ill-adapted to community needs and realities.

Since the adoption of the Community Forests Decree in 2014, the DRC has been in the process of finalising the legal framework for community forestry in what is arguably the most significant piece of legislation related to tropical forests of recent years, impacting as many as 40 million forest-dependent people and with tens of millions of hectares potentially available to develop pro-poor, community models of forest management. A new landmark regulation, namely Arrêté 025, has been adopted by the government on February 9th 2016 and is now regulating the allocation and the management of community forests in DRC. This new legislation could enable thousands of communities to apply to use an area of land of up to 50,000 hectares each as a community forest and potentially help lift them out of poverty.

Since its creation, RFUK has been continuously advocating and supporting the development of community-based forest resources management in the Congo Basin and this landmark process in the DRC presents an outstanding opportunity to support forest communities, the civil society and institutional actors in the sector of community-based forest management in the Congo Basin. Please refer to RFUK Briefing on Community Forests in the DRC for further detail.

The project aims to improve livelihoods and reduce deforestation in DRC by establishing successful community based forest management, which responds to the rights and needs of local communities including those of marginalised groups such as indigenous peoples and women, and contributes to integrated land-use planning. It will practically test community forestry, provide access to learnings from approaches pioneered in Africa and forested regions globally, and contribute to the development of DRC’s legal, policy and institutional environment, engaging with all relevant stakeholders. The Community Forests project is a DFID-funded project that started 1st April 2016.



The DRC Community Forest (CF) Consortium Coordinator will provide administrative, finance-management and M&E support to the RFUK DRC team, consortium members and DRC partners under a specific DfID-funded project concerning implementation of community forests in the DRC (implemented by a consortium of international and national NGOs led by RFUK). The post is based in the Rainforest Foundation’s north London office, with occasional travel to the Congo Basin region.

Specific responsibilities and tasks

The DRC CF Consortium Coordinator will be responsible for the following tasks, under the management of the DRC Programme Manager:

Administrative, Financial and Planning tasks

· Under the supervision of the DRC Programme Manager and in collaboration with the DRC Project Officer, prepare and monitor quarterly and annual budgets;

· Under the supervision of the DRC Programme Manager, develop and monitor implementation of contracts for CF consortium partners;

· In conjunction with the Admin and Finance Coordinator, ensure all contracts are aligned with RFUK policies;

· Serve as the main interlocutor for CF consortium members on any questions/issues related to contracts and budgets;

· In collaboration with the DRC Project Officer, participate in the development of contracts for Congolese partners;

· With other consortium members, develop common templates as for work plans, reports, etc.;

· In collaboration with the DRC Project Officer, ensure that individual consortium members’ periodic work plans are properly prepared and collated into a coherent overall project workplan;

· In conjunction with the Admin and Finance Coordinator, oversee the due-diligence process of consortium and local partners;

· Develop and regularly update a ‘manual of procedures’ for the project;

· With the support of the Admin and Finance Coordinator and in conjunction with the Project Officer, manage the procurement process for the project;

· Ensure implementation of programme evaluations and audits (in coordination with the Programmes Admin. and Finance Officer and the Project Officer), including developing appropriate TORs, advising on suitable external consultants and participating in evaluation visits, as required;

· Provide support, as requested, to DRC Programme Manager for project level financial management;

· With the support of the Admin and Finance Coordinator, ensure that project documentation is properly organised and stored for future reference, in keeping with any donor requirements where necessary.

Project management

· Ensure that the project is implemented by the consortium partners according to the contracts, logframe, budget and timetable;

· Work closely with the DRC Programme Manager and the Research and the Policy Coordinator to ensure the consortium strategy is in line with the overall RFUK Programme Strategy;

· Convene, meeting and liaising with external experts or consultants who could contribute to the project;

· Conduct regular visits to DRC (up to 10 weeks per year) to monitor project implementation and organise coordination meeting in countries ;

· Support relevant Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning or Research processes in relation to this project but which are conducted independently from RFUK;

· Participate in regular internal coordination meetings concerning RFUK’s overall programme in DRC, as well as representing RFUK in any similar meetings with external organisations.

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL)

· Convene and prepare annual project reviews and planning meetings;

· Convene, participate in and report on quarterly meetings of consortium partners and other meetings organised by the project;

· Develop the project M&E system and tools to monitor progress against the Logframe;

· Develop and implement tools and processes for information-sharing within the consortium;

· Review project progress against the Logframe and other project monitoring tools every 6 months, under the guidance of the DRC Programme Manager;

· Contribute to preparation of quarterly and annual narrative and financial reports to DFID, under the guidance of the DRC Programme Manager.

Other tasks

· Under the guidance of the DRC Programme Manager, develop the DRC programme overall budget, and contribute to planning and MEL for the programme;

· Supervise the work of researchers, interns and volunteers as appropriate;

· Assist in the preparation of new opportunities for programme development, including the preparation of funding proposals relevant RFUK Programmes in DRC;

· Participate in RFUK’s strategic development, including attending internal meetings, strategy away days etc.

· Performing other tasks as may from time to time be requested by the DRC Programme Manager, the Head of Programmes and the Executive Director.

How to apply:

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