Assessing and Documenting the NRC Strategy for Global Advocacy 2015-2017

Organization: Norwegian Refugee Council
Closing date: 11 Dec 2016

I. Background

In 2015, the NRC adopted the Strategy for Global Advocacy 2015-2017. The strategy is the second of its kind, and is meant to inform the entire organisation on global advocacy objectives. NRC as an organisation responds to humanitarian crises in three specific and often inter-linked ways: field operations, expert deployment and advocacy. Consequently the Strategy of Global Advocacy is at the top of the hierarchy of strategies for NRC.

In 2017 NRC will develop a new strategy on global advocacy, and it is therefore timely to take stock of the current strategy’s successes and lessons learned. Such stock staking will set the basis of analysis in the development of NRC’s next advocacy policy and strategy. It will help the NRC shape its advocacy work to achieve results in extending NRC’s vision that displaced people’s rights are respected and that they are protected.

The Partnership and Policy department (PnP) has a particular responsibility in two respects: 1) it houses the “centre of excellence” and help desk function for all types of advocacy in the organization. 2) PnP has the responsibility of spear-heading, coordinating, defining and signing-off on global advocacy initiatives. As a part of that responsibility is developing a strategy that steers the organisation’s global advocacy work.

As background, the consultant will be given a brief on how the roles and responsibilities are distributed across the organisation on advocacy related issues.

II. Objectives of the Consultancy

The objectives of this consultancy:

  1. To test the relevance of the SGA and document how it was implemented.

  2. To undertake a light assessment of advocacy achievements

  3. Present options for improving the shaping and delivery of a new SGA:

III. Deliverables and their Scope

The Consultant will deliver the following outputs:

1. Inception report: Research methodology, work plan and outline:

2. A report on the NRC implementation and delivery of the SGA:

IV. Summary of tasks of the consultant and responsibilities of the NRC

Under the guidance of and in collaboration with the NRC, the consultant shall:

  1. Study key documents pertaining to the NRC SGA and tools developed;

  2. Conduct interviews with the Strategy coordinators, HO key stakeholders (COM, EXT, SG, SG office, FO, Advocacy colleagues in both profiled and neglected contexts of operation) and other key NRC staff in regional representation offices to collect data on the NRC Strategy, its content, mode of operation, and results;

  3. Review and assess the results and achievements of NRC advocacy interventions/initiatives based on NRC documents, other secondary materials and interviews with NRC staff;

  4. Draw lessons learned from the NRC Strategy insofar as NRC advocacy actions with key stakeholders on cross-cutting issues is concerned;

  5. Draft a first version of the report outlined in part III, which will be reviewed by the NRC;

  6. Draft a final version of the report outlined in part III, taking into account feedback and comments from the NRC

V. Time Frame

It is anticipated that this assignment will be completed within 20 working days between 10th December 2016 and 20th January 2017, with the following deadlines:

The consultant shall submit a proposal of the research methodology, timeline, and outline of the report by 30th December 2016.

The consultant shall submit a draft of the report by 10th of January 2017.

The NRC will provide comments on the draft by 15th of January 2017.

A final version of the report shall be submitted to the NRC by 20th of January 2017.

Please submit your application to with the name of the consultancy in the subject field.

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