Associate Teacher Corps 2017-2018 (Brooke Charter Schools – Boston)

Posted by: Brooke Charter Schools

Boston, MA, US

Our Associate Teaching Corps is building a team of 30 urban educators committed to closing the achievement gap. After a competitive application process, our Associate Teachers are placed on grade-level teams for a year-long (paid) apprenticeship in great teaching.

This is an ideal position for graduates who have limited experience leading their own class, but who are looking for a rigorous and supported teaching position that provides opportunities to work intensely with students. Our goal is to provide sufficient experience, professional development, and mentorship to prepare our associate teachers to become lead teachers.

After a selective hiring process, just 8% of total Associate applicants are hired each year, our Associate Teachers:

  • are placed on grade-level teams for a year-long apprenticeship in great teaching,
  • participate in targeted professional development and co-planning sessions,
  • provide one-on-one tutoring; serve as scholar advisors; help with lesson planning and curriculum preparation; and ultimately lead their own classes and lessons.

After a year of close mentorship, the majority of our Associate Teachers are ready to take on their own classroom as a full-time teacher.


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Commitment to ensuring academic success for all students
  • Shared dedication to Brooke’s philosophy and mission
  • Excellent teamwork, communication and organization skills

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