Bay Area Resilient By Design Executive Director (Contracted, 15 Months)

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San Francisco, CA, US

Bay Area Resilient by Design

Executive Director Opportunity – Contracted Role, 15 months

Release: December 16, 2016

The Bay Area Resilient by Design Challenge (RbD) is an international design competition that will propose innovative, scalable, and financeable resilience projects on 10 sites along the San Francisco Bay shoreline. The projects will deliver multiple benefits for the communities and assets that they are designed to protect. RbD is inspired by the significant effort deployed after Hurricane Sandy in the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut region through the Rebuild by Design project. Unlike the crisis situation on the east coast, the Bay Area RbD effort is designed to increase the resiliency of Bay Area communities to future risks posed by rising sea levels and seismic events. The Rbd Executive Committee is seeking a contracted Executive Director to help lead this 15-month effort.

RbD will invite Bay Area and international designers, architects, developers, and financiers to create and implement visionary, realistic, and replicable solutions that enable neighborhoods and communities to adapt now to the future effects of rising sea levels, increasing storms and flooding, and seismic vulnerabilities. These solutions will be developed in partnership with residents, businesses, and community-based organizations, and with local and regional political leaders. Just as important, they will bring multiple benefits to those communities and the region, e.g., protecting at-risk populations, enhancing the natural environment, and bolstering critical infrastructure.

The contracted Executive Director will manage the 15-month project, which includes convening and reporting to the Executive Committee and leading the RbD staff team. The Executive Committee is also in the process of recruiting a Competition Director, who will work closely with the Executive Director and have both competition-specific deliverables and also serve in a deputy role for the Executive Director. The Executive Director will be responsible for recruiting additional team members (including project managers, administrative support, and interns) to execute deliverables, and build and manage a wide of array of partnerships, including those with funders and various advisory panels responsible for implementing different aspects of the program such as community engagement, science and research and public communication.

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