Cambodia: Volunteer – Marketing Advisor

Organization: World Vision
Country: Cambodia
Closing date: 26 Dec 2016

1. Organisational Context and Brief Project Description:

World Vision, with over 50 Area Development Programs and more than 900 staff, is the largest NGO in Cambodia. With the organisation’s size and breadth of work comes plentiful opportunities and risk for positive and negative media coverage.

As World Vision’s office in Cambodia is launching a new marketing department and is stepping into local fundraising, the organisation is in need of individuals that are passionate about building a culture of philanthropy in Cambodia. The Marketing Advisor assists the entire Communications and Marketing Department with various projects from marketing, event/fundraising volunteer recruitment, event planning, to campaign management. This role is a great fit for someone who is seeking to utilise their interpersonal skills while acquiring several new ones.

The Marketing Advisor and report to the Marketing Manager on several World Vision marketing initiatives. The Marketing Advisor is someone who understands the international development context, is creative, and not afraid to tackle new projects. It is important that World Vision’s external presence online is growing and is consistent with the messages and mission of the ministry, especially in the upcoming onset of new marketing initiatives. The Marketing Advisor will assist the marketing team in creating and implementing social media marketing campaigns and creating other income-generating content.

2. Location: This role will be based in the National Office in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

3. Work Outcomes: At the end of the volunteering period the Marketing Advisor would have:

· Collaborated with the Social Media Volunteer in maximising existing and new forms of social media platforms in order to increase public engagement and generate income

· Increase his/her capacity for corporate relations, volunteer recruitment, written communications, language skills, event planning and social media strategy

· Gain relevant and meaningful community development experience that contributes to his/her career.

· Tackled projects involving cross-functional collaboration.

· Exposure to the internal structure of World Vision.

· A rare opportunity to contribute to meaningful development work on a global scale.

· An opportunity to obtain a strong reference (depending on performance during the volunteering period).

  1. Description of tasks:

Under the direct supervision of the Marketing Manager, the Marketing Adivsor:

  1. Supports the marketing team with the execution of new marketing campaigns and initiatives
  2. Explores new income generating ideas that is fit for the local Cambodian context
  3. Recruits and manages volunteer groups during marketing events
  4. Drafts up communication documents as needed
  5. English language editing
  6. Ensures all internal and external media aligns with World Vision’s social media guidelines and child protection policies.
  7. Explores opportunities to increase World Vision’s presence and influence in local contexts.
  8. Will perform other relevant duties and assist the Marketing Manager with various projects as needed.

5. Volunteer Opportunity Terms and Conditions:

I. World Vision is providing a volunteer opportunity via a practical, on-the-job, immersion experience where the volunteer will work alongside communications staff. However, the volunteer is NOT an employee nor a staff member of World Vision; hence he/she will not be remunerated by World Vision nor entitled to any employee benefits.

II. World Vision will not be providing a living assistance allowance. The volunteer will be responsible for covering all living costs for the entire period of the volunteer period.

III. World Vision will provide travel expense reimbursements per our local guidelines for work-related travel in Cambodia.

IV. Apart from item III above all other expenses such as flights, visas, health checks, housing, transportation, food, etc. are the responsibilities of the volunteer.

V. The volunteer will be responsible for taking care of his/her logistical needs and working tools such as laptop before arrival, during his/her stay in Cambodia and also for departure.

VI. The volunteer must be insured for medical and hospitalization.

VII. The volunteer must also ensure that he/she has sufficient financial resources that can be accessed when needed during this period.

VIII. The volunteer will adhere to World Vision’s staff regulations as stipulated in the staff handbook.

6. Duration of Volunteer Period:

The volunteer program is intended to run for a period of 3 months to one year, will be determined between the Marketing Advisor and the Marketing Manager.

7. Requirements:

I. Degree in Public Relations, Social Media, Communications, Digital Media, Journalism or related, or demonstrated relevant experience

II. Must be at least 18 years of age

III. Effective communication and interpersonal skills

IV. Experience or desire working with children and youth

V. Computer literate; Internet savvy, knowledge of Mac

VI. Experience with TV, radio, social media, media crisis management and/or press releases

VII. Must be willing to work within a team

VIII. Able to embrace organisational values of World Vision

IX. Experience or knowledge of cross-cultural context is preferable

How to apply:

World Vision never post a volunteer opportunity in our website.

Interested applicants need to submit CV and a cover letter to HRD, WVI National Office by email to

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