Turkey: Consultant – Supporting Partnership Strategy Development – Turkey

Organization: Mercy Corps
Country: Turkey
Closing date: 11 Jan 2017

Deadline to apply: December 22nd**

Mercy Corps Turkey works with a variety of different local actors, ranging from national and local authorities, civil society organizations and community-based organizations from refugee and host communities. Mercy Corps Turkey will engage the consultant to assist the team in producing a country-wide partnerships strategy. The purpose of such a consultant is to guide program strategy, help structure the strategy discussion workshop for maximum results, and to ensure an informed and objective presence while guiding all discussions during the workshop. The desired outcome of the workshop is a cohesive strategy, designed by key team members, that is responsive to Mercy Corps Turkey’s operating environment and program needs. The consultant will report to the Director of Programs – Turkey, and will work closely with Program Managers and their teams, the Protection and Gender Advisor and the Liaison working group.

Consultant Activities:

The consultant will be responsible for producing a contextualized strategy that is responsive to the program needs and strategy. To do so, the consultant will:

  • Review existing partnership approaches employed by the Mercy Corps Turkey team and lessons learned;
  • Review the Mercy Corps’ partnership manual;
  • Review global best practices;
  • Prepare and conduct the workshop, specifically:

  • Conduct any pre-workshop interviews with stakeholders and key team members;

  • Design, in coordination with the Director of Programs and Program Managers, the agenda for the strategy discussion workshop, including clear expectations of outputs/outcomes for each session;

  • Work with the team on pre-workshop communication and logistics for the workshop;

  • Advise the team on any reporting out templates, documents or resources needed for the workshop; and

  • Help guide presenters or other session facilitators.

  • Serve as the facilitator in plenary sessions;

  • Help to manage the flow of break-out sessions to ensure consistency and quality;

  • Make adjustments to the agenda as needed during the workshop; and

  • Ensure the quality and clarity of notes/follow-on actions plans at the end of each session.

  • Develop and write a partnership strategy document for the Mercy Corps Turkey team, based on workshop results, Mercy Corps’ partnership manual and global best practices.

Consultant Deliverables:

  • Design and facilitation of the Mercy Corps Turkey Partnership-Approach Strategy Workshop in Gaziantep, Turkey;
  • Consultative guidance to the Director of Programs, and other team members, as identified, in strategic planning and effectiveness related to partnerships in Turkey; and
  • Develop and lead-write a final partnership strategy document.

Expected Timeframe: Mercy Corps estimates the consultancy to take place over the course of 15 days (excluding travel days, which are not paid) – with the workshop planned on 17-19 January 2017 and the final strategy document submitted by 31 January 2017.


Mercy Corps will pay the consultant based on actual days worked, and based on agreed upon daily rate.

The Consultant will report to:

Director of Programs – Turkey


Interested consultants will apply through Mercy Corps’ website. Applications must consist of all of the following:

  • Cover letter summarizing experience relevant to this scope of work and expected daily rate
  • CV detailing relevant experience.
  • Proposed schedule for the consultancy and proposed strategy document outline
  • Biodata form to support the expected daily rate included in the cover letter

Preference will be given to consultants with demonstrated experience working on local partnerships and capacity building of local actors.


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