Belgium: Counter-Trafficking and Smuggling Researcher Consultancy

Organization: International Organization for Migration
Country: Belgium
Closing date: 18 Jan 2017

Researcher for the Thematic Report on Trafficking in Human Beings/Smuggling of Migrants

Launched in January 2015, the ACP-EU Migration Action (the Action) is geared towards supporting activities that promote the 2012 recommendations of the ACP-EU Dialogue on Migration and Development on visas, remittances and readmission, as well as the 2015 recommendations on trafficking in human beings and smuggling of migrants. Funded by the 10th European Development Fund, the Action operates under the auspices of the ACP Secretariat and the European Commission and is implemented by the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

The overall objective of the ACP-EU Migration Action is to provide support to concrete activities in areas of strategic interest to the ACP-EU partners, linked to the recommendations of the ACP-EU Dialogue, and identified and implemented in response to ACP countries demands for the benefit of migrants. The Action has three components: a demand-driven technical support instrument (Component 1); a direct support to small-scale projects instrument (Component 2); and the collection & dissemination of good practices (Component 3). Activities of Component 3 include a series of peer-to-peer exchanges, research and publication activities that will serve to valorize ACP initiatives and inform the ACP-EU Dialogue. This consultancy is inscribed in this last component and foresees the drafting of a thematic report on on Trafficking in Human Beings (THB) and Smuggling of Migrants (SoM). It foresees travel to Georgetown, Guyana.

I. Purpose

The main purpose of the thematic report on THB/SoM is to showcase and analyze the work done by the Action on these topics. Particularly the report will analyze major trends and key discussions on the framework of the ACP-EU cooperation, as well as activities implemented in each of the countries through the Action’s technical assistance. Additionally, it will aim at analyzing the ACP-EU Dialogue on Migration and Development against the Action activities. Lastly, the report will serve as a basis for the discussions that will take place during the peer to peer exchange meeting on Trafficking in Human Beings/Smuggling of Migrants.

II. Tasks

The selected consultant will carry out the following tasks:

i) Develop an outline of the report of approximately 3 pages, this should include a detailed table of contents of the report (with the scope to add additional items should they become relevant);

ii) Develop a draft version of the report of 5-10 pages:

iii) Support the development of the Peer to Peer Exchange Meeting on THB/SoM;

iv) Moderation of the Peer to Peer exchange meeting on THB/SoM and production of short final report (5 pages max);

v) Present the draft version of the report during the Peer to Peer Exchange meeting in Georgetown, Guyana (currently scheduled to take place from the 21st to the 23rd March 2017);

vi) Write a Thematic report of 40-50 pages, following the outline approved by IOM:

o Include a review of the current state of affairs, research and policy approaches to THB/SoM in general, with a focus on the current sub-topics of the peer to peer exchange meeting;

o Review and analyze existing information sources, discussions, initiatives and trends on THB/SoM in the context of the ACP-EU cooperation;

o Review and analyze the outcomes of the ACP-EU Dialogue of Migration & Development as they relate to THB/SoM;

o Analyze and illustrate the activities on THB/SoM supported by the Action;

o Provide an analysis on how the Action activities on THB/SoM are linked to the ACP-EU Dialogue on Migration and the relevance they have for ACP countries;

o Include and analyze the information gathered at the Peer to Peer exchange;

o Create a fiche for each country where a THB/SoM activity has taken place of 2 pages each;

o Identify innovative initiatives or specific challenges that can inform future discussions on THB/SoM in the framework of the ACP-EU Migration Dialogue.

vii) Where relevant, input into the design of and participate in meetings / regional fora if requested to share the results of the study;

viii) Maintain regular communication with the focal point in IOM Brussels.

Overall, the Thematic Report on Trafficking in Human Beings/Smuggling of Migrants will consist of/capitalize on:

i) Revision and analysis of the information gathered through the Baseline Assessments on these topics as well as the Technical Assistance interventions carried out by the Action;

ii) Revision and analysis of the results achieved by the Action through its activities in Component 1 & 2;

iii) Revision and analysis of the lessons learnt of the joint recommendations and the Seminar on Trafficking in Human Beings and Smuggling of Migrants (November 2016) of the ACP-EU Dialogue on Migration and Development;

iv) Revision and analysis of the lessons learnt of the P2P Exchange meeting on THB/SoM

vi) Revision and analysis of the major and most recent publications on THB/SoM by UNODC, INTERPOL, IOM and other stakeholders and key players.

4. Results

· Outline of the report;

· Draft report;

· Final report of the P2P Exchange meeting (based on the draft report and on the discussions of the event)

· Final report including country fiches.

5. Performance Indicators

  1. Satisfactory completion of tasks indicated (outline of the report, draft report and final report submitted to IOM Brussels and revised following comments, if any);
  2. Quality of the elaborated analysis (clarity of style and English language, etc.);
  3. Timely delivery of outputs and/or drafts as indicated below;
  4. Compliance with IOM House style Guidelines;
  5. Close contact is established and maintained throughout the period of the consultancy with IOM with regular information sent by the consultant to IOM, including information on any proposed changes to the anticipated results or difficulties encountered.

6. Timeline of deliverables

By 31/01/2017: Produce an approx. 3 pages outline of the report;

By 20/02/2017: Submission of the draft thematic report;

From 21-23/03/2017: Present the draft report at the Peer to Peer Exchange Meeting on THB/SoM;

2 weeks after the Peer to Peer Exchange Meeting: Submission of the final meeting report;

30/04/2016: Submission of the final draft Thematic Report on THB/SoM;

By 31/05/2016 (or five weeks after the submission of final draft Thematic Report, whichever is later): Submission of the final Thematic Report on THB/SoM.

The above listed deliverables are estimated to be carried out in 33 (thirty – three) working days.

7. Professional profile required

i) 10 years of experience working on research, THB and/or SoM and/or migration;

ii) Working knowledge on EU-led Dialogues preferred; Track record of publications on migration/THB and SoM

iii) Ability to collate and synthesize information and data in an easily comprehensible and intelligible manner;

iv) Experience as public speaker and moderator in international workshops and forums;

v) Ability to work and write in English;

vi) Working knowledge of French, Spanish and/or Portuguese (official languages of the ACP Secretariat is an advantage.

How to apply:

Qualified applicants are requested to send their comprehensive resume highlighting research focus and a writing sample to, with subject line: SURNAME First name – P2P Consultant. Note that wrongly submitted applications will not be considered.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. If you want more information on the vacancy, please visit our website:

Closing date for applications is 18 January 2017. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview the latest by 20 January 2017.

The position may be filled before the end of the deadline. Early applications are encouraged.

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