Kenya: Terms of Reference: Facilitator for ‘Introduction to Working in Somalia’ Training Course

Organization: Somalia NGO Consortium
Country: Kenya
Closing date: 02 Feb 2017


The Somalia NGO Consortium (SNC) is a membership organization of national and international NGOs that work together to create an enabling environment for the efficient and effective delivery of humanitarian and development assistance to all the Somali people. The Consortium currently has 85 members working across Somalia/Somaliland. The Consortium has supported NGOs since 1999 through its core activities in coordination, representation, information sharing and advocacy. It has offices in Hargeisa, Garowe, Mogadishu and Nairobi. The Consortium currently has over 80 members working across Somalia and Somaliland.

For more than 20 years NGOs and others working in Somalia have operated in extremely fragile and insecure conditions, responding to multiple challenges and persistent high levels of humanitarian need. With the election of the Federal Government of Somalia and in light of renewed international attention, the Somali operating environment is changing considerably.

The Somalia NGO Consortium is looking to hire a facilitator (or a team of facilitators) to deliver the ‘Introduction to Working in Somalia’ Training course. This course, managed by the Somalia NGO Consortium, provides an introduction to the complexities of working in Somalia. Through a series of lectures and discussions led by a team of renowned international and national experts and activists, this course provides both experienced and new managers with the background and tools to reflect upon their approach to effectively and safely working in Somalia.

Description of the Assignment

Purpose: To assist the Somalia NGO Consortium in delivering the 3 day ‘Introduction to Working in Somalia’ course.


  1. In consultation with the trainers, prepare a course outline on topics to be covered
  2. To facilitate, teach at the course and moderate discussion groups
  3. To participate in other lectures during the assignment, if requested, and in agreement with the trainers
  4. Assist the NGO Consortium Secretariat in preparing feedback forms and evaluating the feedbacks from the training
  5. Produce a final training report with recommendations on changes to be made to future trainings based on feedback from participants

Some topics that the Somalia NGO Consortium aims to cover during the course include the following:

  • The Somali People: society, culture and religion
  • Drivers of conflict, state collapse and civil war
  • “Post-Transition” Somalia: state building and the politics of federalism
  • Operational security, strategies and management of risk
  • Partnership and remote management
  • Accountability
  • Lessons Learnt from the 2011 Famine
  • Displacement

Implementation and management of the assignment:
The assignment will be carried out by a facilitator (or a team of facilitators) who will be working closely with the trainers and the NGO Consortium Secretariat. The NGO Consortium secretariat will provide the facilitator with assistance in arranging travel and accommodation, as well as printing course material.
Overall management of the assignment will be the responsibility of the NGO Consortium secretariat under the guidance of the Consortium’s Director in cooperation with the Consortium’s Steering Committee.

The assignment will take place on 13th, 14th and 15th March 2017 with the following tentative allocation of working days: 3 days for the preparation and delivery of the training. The facilitator is expected to take part in the full 3 day training sessions.

How to apply:

Candidates who are interested in the position should send their applications online to to be received no later than Thursday, February 2nd 2017, 6:00PM. The application should be titled “Facilitator for Introduction to Working in Somalia Training Course” and should include the following:

  • Maximum one page expression of interest, detailing previous experience in similar trainings or courses
  • Resume/curriculum vitae of the consultant and/or consultant team members
  • An indicative outline for the course or any outline of courses already conducted
  • 2 references

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