Shortlisting and Selection Panel Members

Organization: Palladium International
Closing date: 12 Feb 2017

Palladium is seeking to establish a pool of pre-qualified panel of experts who will

1 Assess the technical and financial aspects of Africa Short Course tender submissions; 2 Assist with the shortlisting and selection of candidates for the Short Course Awards and Master’s Degree Scholarships. Panel Members will have expertise in the preferred priority areas:

Extractives (mining, oil and gas); Agricultural Productivity; Public Policy and Public Sector Management, Reform and Governance. Expertise in other areas such as Natural Resources Management and the Environment; Health, including HIV and Maternal/Child Health and Education will also be considered.The pool of Panel Members will be part of a Panel(s) and will be expected to carry out a number of tasks within their areas of expertise. The four main panels are:

  • Africa Short Course Technical Assessment Panels
  • Short Course Selection Panels
  • Independent Shortlisting Panel for Masters Scholarships

Panels will either be convened virtually or temporarily across various locations in Africa. The duration of specific assignments for each Panel Member will vary based on the needs of Palladium and DFAT. No minimum service period can be guaranteed, and prompt mobilisation in Africa will be an expectation of applicants.

Once selected, Panel Members will be ‘pre-approved’ to sit on a panel(s) on an ‘as needed’ basis. Selection as a Panel Member does not guarantee employment for an individual on any particular assignment.

For any given task, Panel Members may be engaged individually, or as part of a broader team. Panel Members will be expected to work in a cooperative and efficient manner to achieve the objectives of the specific activity assigned to each panel.

Full Terms of Reference and Selection Criteria for each of the Panels found in the linked application page.

Australia Awards will abide by the Commonwealth Procurement Rules in running this selection process. Details of the Commonwealth Procurement Rules can be obtained at Remuneration

An assessment of the skills and experience required for the role and an appropriate remuneration will be provided to (non-Australian Government) panel members, in accordance with the Australian Government’s Adviser Remuneration Framework (ARF); for details see

The activities of the Panels are short term in nature and therefore Palladium will negotiate all fee rates on a daily rate. The tasks associated with this role have been assessed to be commensurate with the following ARF Short Term Adviser rates (Discipline Group B, Level 2) and a daily rate in the range AUD 436 – 596 will be negotiated depending on the panel members’ relevant experience and demonstrated skills.

All fee rates will be negotiated and contracted in Australian Dollars.

Requirements for the Expression of Interest:

Expressions of Interest (EOI) should be no more than three pages and should include the following information:

  • Applicants must state in their EOI which of the four panels they wish to be considered for. Eligible applicants may apply to be considered for more than one panel.
  • Their academic qualifications as it relates to the preferred priority and other sectors stated in the Terms of Reference
  • Their response to the other selection criteria included in the Terms of Reference.
  • All EOIs must be submitted in English
  • All documentation must be submitted electronically.

How to apply:

Please follow this link to apply:

Read more here:: ReliefWeb