United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland: Web Application Engineer

Organization: Internews Europe
Country: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Closing date: 18 Feb 2017


Internews is an international media development organization whose mission is to empower local media worldwide to give people the news and information they need, the ability to connect, and the means to make their voices heard.

The Global Technology Hub (GTH) in Internews Europe’s London office plays a central role for the organization to deliver, on time and on budget, innovative and effective technology solutions for various programmes. GTH is currently looking to fill the role of Web Applications Engineer.


Under the supervision of the Technology Hub Manager, The Web Application Engineer will work with project management teams in Internews Europe to design and build ICT components of projects.


  • Designing, developing and on-time delivering of websites and web applications

    • Writing functional and technical specifications, requests for quotes and terms of reference.

    • Coordinating with and tracking the work of external service providers and contractors when development tasks are outsourced.

    • Collecting responses to RFQs and TORs, ranking applicants suitability and recommending preference of suppliers.

    • Developing or procuring and implementing custom features, modules and plugins when development tasks are internalized.

    • Carrying out acceptance testing with external partners on ICT components.

    • Performing QA testing on digital products delivered for various programmes.

    • Conducting or supporting security reviews on digital products for various programmes.

  • Managing website infrastructure

    • Leading in the deployment new websites or the migration of existing website onto a secure hosting infrastructure.

    • Collaborating with system administration and maintenance services providers of this infrastructure to deliver all ICT components for programmes.

    • Collaborating with the GTH systems engineer, who will be more focused on server side issues.

    • Managing and automating web application updates and monitoring.

    • Auditing or managing external auditing of code for each of our hosted websites.

    • Leading on identification and implementation of any best practices for improving performance and security of our hosted sites.

  • Supporting technology related activities

    • Offering Level 2 support for project teams and helpdesk officers.

    • Participating in documentation writing & elaboration of training material and curriculum related to websites supported by Internews.

    • Participating in related training sessions, either on location or via internet communication.

  • Getting technical alerts and monitoring social media, blogs, forums, etc on Web Application topics

    • Following threads on social media on emerging threats, development trends, new opportunities that may effect our supported websites or the related tools used by Internews or its partners;

    • Joining any relevant mailing lists, track RSS news feeds and/or discussion boards on topics related to emerging developments, trends in attack methods, new tools and development trends, etc.

    • Getting Google alerts on relevant topics described here;

    • Receiving email or text alerts with regards to our specific supported websites;

    • Reporting to GTH any significant trends or important updates.

  • Support with in-house digital security practices

    • Supporting Technology Hub Manager in assisting Internews Europe programme teams with the use of secure communications and digital storage tools and practices.

    • Assist in on-site visits and assessments of digital security practices for partner organisations when relevant.

  • Project management and record keeping

    • Keeping clear documentation of all phases of projects.

    • Keeping programme leaders and relevant internal or external stakeholders updated on project progress.

    • Contribute to regular project reporting for monitoring and evaluation.

    • Tracking and keeping careful records on expenditures and budget lines.

    • Communicating regularly on all aspects of work with your line manager.

    • Keeping to delivery schedules and/or updating all relevant stakeholders when changes occur.

    • Understanding of and demonstrated commitment to upholding Internews’ Core Values.



  • English fluency (spoken and written).
  • 5+ years experience in the above listed key responsibilities.
  • Ability to work in a team, handle change, priorities tasks and projects, and respond to emergencies quickly and calmly.
  • Ability to explain complex technical subjects in lay language to less technically-experienced persons; excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • A solid understanding of the current web landscape and of new trends.
  • Experience with technical project management including partially outsourced projects.
  • Ability to spot trends in the development of new technologies and identify opportunities for the integration of existing technologies to address new challenges.
  • Ability to communicate using a secure channel, such as PGP email, for sharing confidential information.
  • Experience with using command line tools for web application items .

Mastery of:

  • Core web technologies and concepts at large.

  • Working in a LAMP hosting environment.

  • Open source CMSs including WordPress, and Drupal (any other technologies are a plus).

  • Basic system administration of Linux based environment (including familiarity with at least one scripting language).

  • Working in container hosting environments, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting.

  • Public (AWS) and private cloud and virtualized infrastructures.

  • Consuming various types of APIs.

  • Digital security issues related to web applications, including SSL, secure hosting environments, DDOS protection methods, defense against various kinds of php, mysql or other exploits against LAMP hosted sites, compartmentalization of online services, etc.

  • Website optimization for best performance in areas with low internet connectivity.

  • Mobile responsive and mobile-first design concepts, implementation and testing.

  • In-site SEO standard practices.

  • Web Standards and Accessibility concepts and implementation.

Highly desirable

  • Conversational and written proficiency of another language.
  • Use of agile methodologies.
  • Experience working in international development and/or experience with developing world environments.
  • Experience as a hands-on technical trainer, including in developing countries.
  • Any links to a portfolio of work is always welcome (Personal homepages, Github repositories, professional online profiles, etc.).
  • Advanced understanding of implementing encryption in projects.
  • Advanced understanding of using digital anonymity tools, such as Tor, VPN, secure file sharing and storage.

*Benefits Information:*

This position is being offered and hired by Internews Europe. Benefits will be consistent with Internews Europe’s offerings and will be reviewed during the hiring process. Additional information can be found on our About Working for Internewspage.

Salary Banding: £35,000-£40,000 based on experience and qualifications.

How to apply:

To Apply: Please send your CV and a cover letter (no more than 2 pages) to jobs@internews.eu with the subject line of Web App Engineer. PLEASE APPLY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

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