Afghanistan: Cultural Protection Fund Outreach Manager

Organization: Turquoise Mountain
Country: Afghanistan
Closing date: 25 Feb 2017


Turquoise Mountain is embarking on a three-year cultural protection project with the support of the British Council. This project will preserve and protect tangible built heritage and intangible craft skills in the last intact historic neighbourhood of Kabul. It will train hundreds of volunteers, artisans, builders, architects, engineers, cultural heritage managers, and government officials so that they are better able to preserve and protect their heritage. It will raise the profile of Afghan cultural heritage domestically and internationally, reaching hundreds of thousands of people. Finally it will nurture creative entrepreneurs who will ensure the sustainability of the project’s gains.


Responsible for all aspects of domestic outreach relating to the promotion of the tangible and intangible heritage of Murad Khani. The position will focus on hosting a wide range of guests including officials from all levels of government, schools, universities and cultural organizations. In addition, the Cultural Protection Fund Outreach Manager will be responsible for all activities relating to cultural outreach with residents of Kabul, and for all the people of Afghanistan. Train staff and volunteers in promoting the profile of Afghan cultural heritage. Work with all cultural influencers in promoting the aims of the project. Supervise all Universities and Schools Liaison staff and volunteers.

Roles and Responsibilities

· To be the initial contact person and communications coordinator for local stakeholders – journalists, general visitors, government officials, students and all local community members.

· Coordinate and document all government outreach meetings and visits to Turquoise Mountain.

· Conduct tours of Murad Khani and the Institute to visiting guests and media as required. Host visitors from among influencers in cultural heritage.

· Manage all Universities and Schools Liaison staff and volunteers.

· Conduct outreach activities to promote the activities of the Institute for Afghan Arts and Architecture with relevant cultural institutions in Afghanistan and abroad.

· Work with and manage cultural heritage volunteers to promote attendance at the Visitors’ Centre.

· Coordinate with Institute, archive and communications staff to promote 15 craft traditions. Train volunteers (students, designers, Afghan citizens) in promotion of tangible and intangible cultural heritage.

Qualifications and experience

· Bachelors degree in related filed

· Masters Degree preferred

· Three years relevant work experience

· Familiarity with Microsoft Office

· Professional ability in English and Dari

· Excellent self-starter and highly organized

· Ability to interact with powerful stakeholders

· Experience working with Afghan Ministries and key officials

· Knowledge of Afghan Universities and Schools

How to apply:

This position is open to international candidates who have the required experience and abilities.

Applications: please submit a CV and cover letter by 25th Feb 2017, to

Please indicate the position title in the subject line of your email to consider your application.

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