India: Senior Medical Advisor for Disease Outbreak – India

Organization: QED Group
Country: India
Closing date: 23 Feb 2017

To satisfy the overall objectives of CDC India and international collaboration responsibilities, the contractor will provide technical assistance, consultation and support services to the EBOLA response and recovery efforts in India. The contractor will provide assistance to CDC India in their subject matter expert role to the India government emergency/incident management system during the EBOLA EOC activation and emergency response operation. In this role the contractor will work closely with the emergency management development team leaders, the international task force leaders, host government team leaders, and in-country emergency management specialists to coordinate support activities designed to improve emergency management capacity in India.


  • Participates in the CDC India Country Team emergency/incident management response as subject matter expert during the EBOLA EOC activation and response operation in India to support the efforts of the USG team in providing support to the India government to address and contain the disease outbreak.
  • Works closely with the Government of India’s emergency management leaders, the international task force leaders, and in-country emergency management specialists to coordinate support activities designed to improve emergency management capacity in India.
  • Assesses India’s public health emergency management programs for compliance with established public health and emergency management standards and provides expert consultation the Government of India and other partners for improving and demonstrating such compliance.
  • Represents the emergency management capacity development function at public health emergency management meetings. Establishes and maintains strong and effective working relationships with the Government of India, and program personnel from international agencies to facilitate awareness and support for emergency planning, preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation.
  • Facilitates, mentors, and/or provides public health emergency management capacity development support directly to the India government and Ministry of Health for activities that include, but are not limited to:

  • Emergency operations management and administration

  • Emergency management system policy development and implementation to support work in-country (e.g., strategic planning for overall country work, transition planning from response to longer term capacity development)

  • Emergency management operational, planning, logistical, and financial functions

  • Public information/emergency risk communications

  • Situational awareness activities

  • Safety and risk management functions

  • Liaison coordination

  • Emergency management system training considerations

  • Collaborate with CDC India in assisting the India government in the coordination of the identification of emergency management support needs across India and potential sources for meeting those needs.

  • Identifies, tracks, and provides recommendations to enhance an impacted country’s incident management structure.

  • Provides input to planning activities such as the Incident Action Plan (IAP) and status reports such as Situation Reports (SITREPs). Reviews IAP’s, recommends emergency management goals and objectives, identifies response capability limitations, and recommends proposed tactics for coordinating response activities.

  • Provides weekly detailed updates on India’s progress towards improving emergency management capacity to the CDC Director and the DGHP India Lead. Updates are compiled and sent to CDC Atlanta to notify CDC leadership of concerns and highlights of India’s progress in emergency management capacity development.

  • Participates in the weekly Emergency Management Coordination Call which allows CDC Atlanta based staff to respond to and support the CDC India office during the emergency.

  • Prepares input for response reports, slides, and other materials as required.

  • Travel to Mumbai and Jaipur, India and Lahore, Pakistan to collaborate with India government and partners from other international agencies on identifying emergency management support needs and improving emergency management capacity.


  • Medical Degree
  • Experience in senior advisory positions. Specific skills include the ability to communicate clearly, effectively and succinctly, to work cooperatively in a team environment and support different working styles, to quickly and effectively resolve problems and make recommendations.
  • Knowledge of emergency management principles, response operations, public health practices, and the fundamentals of establishing a national level emergency management system or a Ministry of Health emergency operations center.
  • Skills associated with establishing an organization for response planning, conducting response management, providing logistical support, tracking resources, and coordinating policies and operations in a national level or a Ministry of Health emergency operations center. These skills are used to assist the host government in a response to a public health emergency event.
  • Ability to connect the use of the emergency management physical space, identified as an emergency operations center (EOC), with the management systems used to conduct or coordinate emergency operations through the use of emergency management functional staff.
  • Specific knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience with:

  • EOC and emergency response management, EOC administration, and event/emergency management system policies, protocols, and procedures.

  • Outbreak response planning and operations, gaining situational awareness, and managing outbreak information.

  • Resource management, logistic support, and finance considerations.

  • Evaluating a response environment and the options for dealing with it; experience in developing action plans (engaging in a planning function).

  • Initiating and monitoring a response (engaging in an operational function).

  • Making decisions about how to respond (engaging in a management function).

  • Acquiring resources to respond and an awareness of how to track resources (engaging in a logistical function and an administrative function).

  • Reporting activities to someone with authority either to seek direction or to account for their activities (engaging in a policy function).

  • Familiarity with:

  • Risk communications, environmental infection control communications, and the general flow of communication information.

  • Coordinating international cooperation and liaison support, and mobilizing international support for public health emergencies.

  • Coordinating medical services that include infrastructure, human resources, specimen transport, patient evacuation and care, medical equipment, and medical supplies.

  • Skills/experience in project management, data analysis, organizational development.

  • Understanding of the missions, policies, operations, resources and organizational structures of the key partners.

  • Experience in developing and maintaining working relationships with a broad range of individuals, public health systems, sectors and agencies.

  • Language proficiency in Hindi preferred

  • Level IV speaking and writing proficiency in English

  • Ability to effectively communicate in English on a daily basis with various groups (speaking, reading and writing).

How to apply:

To apply for this position please follow the following steps:

  1. Go to—india/job
  2. Complete the online application.
  3. Attach your resume.
  4. Click on the link: Biodata AID1420-17, fill out the form, sign it, and attach/upload it to your application. You may also include other documents such as cover letter and/or a work sample.
  5. Submit your application, resume, completed biodata, and any additional documents.

Please note that applications submitted by other means; or without resume and/or biodata will not be considered.

Only finalists will be contacted. No phone calls please.

Reasonable accommodation requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The QED Group, LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Women and Minorities are encouraged to apply. AA//V/D. be considered

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