Jordan: Emergency Response Program (ERP) Coordinator

Organization: SOS Children’s Villages International
Country: Jordan
Closing date: 28 Feb 2017

Job Description Summary:

The ERP Coordinator is overall responsible for ensuring the successful and timely implementation and management of the ERP in accordance with internal regulations and external international standards.

As the representative for the SOS CVI emergency response program in Jordan, s/he is also responsible for ensuring good relations and the coordination of activities with key stakeholders (donors, government bodies, UN agencies, CBOs, etc.).

Reporting directly to the National Director based in Amman and reporting functionally to the MENA Regional Emergency Response Advisor, s/he ensures all project activities, including adjustments, are agreed upon and approved by the Member Association and the Regional Office before implementation.

Key Responsibilities:

Project Planning

  • Aligning project activities of the ERP according to SOS CVI project documentation (crisis response form; project proposal; budget outline etc.) and reporting any deviances therein to the Member Association Jordan National Director and the MENA Regional Emergency Response Coordinator;
  • Revising and adjusting SOS CVI project documentation based on changes in needs and/or budget, in consultation with the MENA Region Emergency Response Department.

HR Management

  • Responsible for ensuring fair and transparent recruitment for the ERP, as well as contract management and pay roll of all employees, in collaboration with the MA Jordan HR and Finance departments;
  • Ensuring personal development and capacity building of team members in the ERP, when necessary, as well as documenting evaluations of co-workers;
  • Leading and managing a diverse team of, among others, case and field managers, educators, care givers, office and domestic staff (up to 250 employees);
  • Ensuring SOS CVI internal procedures in HR management and local labour law are adhered to

Financial Management

  • As budget holder, responsible for ensuring the correct use of funds in the project, as allocated per budget line in the budget overview. Responsible for reporting to the MA Jordan Finance Controller and MENA Region Finance Officer any deviances therein;
  • Responsible for ensuring monthly financial reports are submitted to the MA Syria and MENA IOR in a timely manner;
  • Responsible for ensuring alignment of project procurement to the internal SOS CVI procurement procedures;
  • Together with the support of the Project Finance Officer, responsible for the revision of project budgets


  • Accountable that information stated in internal and external project reports (donor reports, internal situation reports etc.) is correct;
  • Responsible for submitting a monthly financial report, a monthly situation report (including up to date organigram and beneficiary data files) and periodic donor reports as and when required;
  • Responsible for elaborating a detailed project report every trimester, including an overview of KPIs

Child Protection

  • Responsible for ensuring adherence to the SOS CVI Child Protection Policy;
  • Responsible for ensuring adherence to admission criteria based on the best interest of the child;
  • Responsible for ensuring the implemented projects conform to international standards (specifically SPHERE);
  • Responsible for ensuring that all staff dealing directly with children have criminal record checks carried out before taking up their position;
  • Responsible for reporting cases of abuse and neglect to the MA Syria National Director and the MENA Regional Emergency Response Advisor, as well as follow-up of cases as per the SOS CVI Child Protection Policy stipulations;


  • Responsible for security and safety of all co-workers and the children;
  • Responsible for adhering to and implementing the SOS CVI local security plan;
  • Responsible for training and building the capacity of co-workers to deal in security and safety management;
  • Responsible for ensuring all co-workers undergo security training where relevant

Stakeholder Relations

  • Regularly attend cluster meetings and NGO forums and inform MENA Regional Office Emergency Response Department of NGO activities on the ground in monthly reporting;
  • Ensure all stakeholders have up to date project information (ministry of social affairs; local authorities; donors; MENA regional Office etc.);
  • Establish partnerships with other NGOs, CBOs and UN agencies and ensure MoUs and accords are in place for all partnerships;

Key Performance Areas:

  • Ensuring project KPIs are attained within the set time frame; any deviation is documented and justified (deteriorating security situation for example).

This job description is non-exhaustive and some additional tasks may arise.

How to apply:

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