Kenya: Bridging the Gaps facilitator learning institute, fluent in English, Nairobi (Kenya)

Organization: Aids Fonds
Country: Kenya
Closing date: 17 Feb 2017

We are looking for an experienced facilitator / learning expert!

Time: 25-27 April 2017, Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Bridging the Gaps is looking for a learning professional to facilitate a three days Learning Institute. The learning facilitator will link and coordinate the different sessions and facilitate the learning process (transforming knowledge into action). Our preference goes to a learning expert/facilitator with expertise on community empowerment and/or meaningful involvement of key populations and someone who is based in Kenya.

The facilitator must have the ability to manage cooperation processes using action learning methods, coach participants, moderate working groups and plenary discussions. The facilitator will also lead the production of a final document suggesting how to translate the presented practices into action.

It is expected from the facilitator to allocate at least six working days for the Learning Institute. Two days for the development of the learning proposal and preparation of the program, in partnership with Bridging the Gaps (emails and Skype) between 20/1 and 24/4. Half of a day on the 24/1 and half of a day on 28/4 in Nairobi for rounding up the program, dynamics and evaluation and the three days of the Learning Institute.

1. About Bridging the Gaps

Our mission: Achieving universal access to HIV/STI prevention, treatment, care and support for sex workers, LGBT people and people who use drugs. Bridging the Gaps works towards a world where there is no hostility against homosexuality; where a drug user can access clean needles without risking to be arrested; and where a sex worker doesn’t need to fear violence from clients nor from the police. Not only because it is important that their human rights are respected, protected and fulfilled, but also because it is an essential precondition to improve their health. Please access our website for more information: Our Alliance partners (COC, MSMGF, Mainline, AFEW International, Aidsfonds Sex Work Programme, GNP+, ITPC, INPUD & NSWP) will bring their expertise regarding community empowerment and meaningful involvement.

2. About the Bridging the Gaps Learning Institute

The Learning Institute aims to strengthen SRHR and HIV related interventions through building the capacity of key population-led and -serving organisations and networks. The 2017 Learning Institute will focus on the annual theme: ‘*Nothing about us without us: Claiming health and human rights through community empowerment and meaningful involvement of key populations’*.

Objectives of the Learning Institute are:

  • Increase capacity of alliance, local and regional partners on community mobilization and meaningful involvement of key populations in SRHR and HIV programmes.
  • Inspire strong partnerships and collaboration within and across key population projects.
  • Share lessons learnt and best practices in and across projects and partners.
  • Improve interventions and the capacity to implement evidence-based programmes. This will be facilitated by transforming the knowledge gained at the Learning Institute into concrete action.
  • Develop an action plan to capture lessons learnt and improvements for programming. This will be used to inspire the work planning of 2018.

3. The Learning Institute participants

Bridging the Gaps programme will involve this year 20 to 25 staff members of local and regional partners during a 3-day Learning Institute. The participants:

  • Are highly committed to key populations’ rights movements in their respective country/region.
  • Are staff members of a Bridging the Gaps partner organization/network
  • Have the desire to learn about the annual theme and improve interventions in their own organisation/network.
  • Are willing to share lessons learnt, best practices or brilliant failures related to the annual theme.
  • And have the support of the organization/network they are affiliated with to implement lessons learnt following their graduation from Learning Institute.

The participants will deliver in their application:

  • A description of what their organization or network currently does on community empowerment or meaningful involvement of key populations (including examples).
  • Their learning needs regarding community empowerment or meaningful involvement of key populations, and how they will use the new knowledge and capacities in their organisation’s current work on community empowerment or meaningful involvement of key populations.
  • An indication on how they could facilitate a session during the Bridging the Gaps Learning Institute related to the annual theme.

How to apply:

Candidates for the role of Learning Facilitator should send their motivation letter and CV to Rajae El Baghdadi ( before 17 February 2017. The motivation letter should include the daily fee and a proposed method(s) for facilitating learning during the Bridging the Gaps Learning Institute. Interviews will take place between 20 – 24 February.

More information:

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