Liberia: Tax Audit Expert

Organization: Development Alternatives, Inc.
Country: Liberia
Closing date: 10 Mar 2017


The purpose of the Revenue Generation for Governance and Growth (RG3) project is to build the capacity of targeted Government of Liberia (GOL) institutions, particularly the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP) and the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA), to improve domestic revenue mobilization in Liberia. RG3 has an anticipated duration of three (3) years with an option for two (2) additional years.

The primary objectives of RG3 are to:

  1. Improve the capacity of the MFDP and LRA to create predictable, transparent, and fair revenue policies that are broad-based, business-friendly, and conducive to improved revenue mobilization;
  2. Improve the capacity of the LRA to administer revenue policies and achieve more professional, transparent, and efficient revenue collection; and
  3. Strengthen consultation, education, and engagement on taxes and their benefits with an aim to increase trust, build tax morale, enhance voluntary compliance, and foster greater government accountability.

RG3 will support the MFDP to develop the capacity to formulate sound, predictable, and fair revenue policies. It will also support the LRA to enhance its ability to effectively, efficiently, and transparently implement those policies and carry out its revenue collection mandate. Lastly, it will work with the GOL, private sector, and civil society to strengthen consultation, education and engagement on taxes and their benefits with an aim to build tax morale, increase voluntary compliance, and foster greater trust between taxpayers and the government.

Objectives and Scope

The aim of putting in place an audit advisor is to build the capacity of the audit function within the Domestic Tax Department on a sustainable basis. The advisor will, in addition to building capacity through formal training will also provide back-office hands on support to audit teams in order to build practical skills and enhance greater sustainability.

Specific Activities:

  • Training on financial accounting
  • Training on tax accounting
  • Training on tax audit
  • Support the development of standard operating procedures for tax audit and specific sectors
  • On the job training for tax auditors
  • Support audit quality assurance
  • Support the improvement of risk-based audit selection criteria and processes
  • Other tasks as assigned by RG3 COP


  • Develop training plan
  • Audit case selection criteria and modeling
  • Training modules for various levels of accounting and tax audit
  • Improved Standard Operating Procedures and Maps for tax audit


  • Advanced degree in public finance or relevant field
  • 10 plus years of experience in tax administration, designing and implementing the tax reforms particularly in area of tax audit, taxpayer appeal processes and procedures, tax collection policy and procedures, tax return, and taxpayer education,
  • Previous training experience in tax payer education, tax audit processes and procedures, auditing, etc
  • Previous experience working with government entities, such as departments within revenue authorities
  • Previous experience working in low capacity environments

How to apply:

Please apply directly at the DAI website –

Read more here:: ReliefWeb