Myanmar: Pool of Short-term Experts, Community policing, Legal accountability, Parliamentary oversight, and Crowd Management

Organization: The International and Ibero-American Foundation for Administration and Public Policies
Country: Myanmar
Closing date: 10 Feb 2017

Pool of Short-term Experts as Trainers and Advisors for FIIAPP in its implementation of an EU delegated development Programme in Myanmar.


Title: Trainer and Advisor

Type of Contract: Consulting services

Duty Station: Multiple locations in Myanmar

Indicative Starting Date: March 2017

Duration of Assignment: Variable (Throughout the time necessary for the implementation of the project).


FIIAPP has been delegated the responsibility to implement the European Commission Project “Support to the reform of the Myanmar Police Force”. Since the end of the previous EU project, reported in September 2015, the country has experienced an ongoing reform process thus deeply affecting the MPF both organically as procedurally.

In a first stage of project implementation (Inception Phase), the Description of the Action (DoA) has to be adapted and contextualized, in the light of evolutions in time, in order to reflect the actual needs and priorities of the country and of target stakeholders.

Consequently, through a participatory approach for the assessment of needs and stakeholder analysis, it will be guaranteed that the project activities are implemented with this new perspective from the beneficiaries and involved stakeholders, particularly in the field of Crowd management.

Throughout the implementation of the project, FIIAPP will require technical assistance for different tasks and activities foreseen within the DoA. For the Inception Phase, a first technical assistance is planned to provide a description of evolution and the current situation, as well as a full stakeholder analysis, including national and international actors working on project related issues in Myanmar. Inputs and recommendations will contribute to the description and planning of activities.

After the first phase, a wide range of trainings, workshops, assessments and activities will be implemented, following the needs and requirements of Myanmar Police Force, expressed through the Crowd Management Working Group and the KE. These activities also require short-term technical assistance.

The selected experts should have first-hand experience on assessment and training of different Police units, or other kind of units with the same missions and responsibilities, and must be capable of evaluating current capacities and provide inputs and recommendations required and contribute to the implementation of the planned activities required during the assessment phase.

During the time of the implementation of the project, trainings, workshops, meetings, briefings, assessments, and other activities related will be combined to reach a higher level of efficiency and constant improvement.

The selected experts will be requested and contacted for short term deployments for specific tasks. The length of the deployment will depend on the nature of the task, and is not likely to exceed a complete month. It is expected that experts selected to be part of the pool, will be deployed several times during the five years of implementation of the project, depending on their profiles to fulfil specific tasks requested and availability.


Short-Term experts will provide technical assistance for the analysis on the context, current capacity of the selected, level of training and equipment, rapid deployment capacities, security situation, adaptability to the missions assigned, and all question related with the work environment and conditions.

They will also provide training to the units, following the Standard Operational Procedures approved and all the new techniques selected and approved by the Crowd Management Working Group.

Additionally, it is expected that the short-term experts participate in test and researches for the improvement of current Standard Operational Procedures (SOP) and develop new SOP and systems according to the needs of the MPF and the goals of the project. Furthermore, they will participate in briefings, meetings and workshops related to the mission assigned.


Support FIIAPP and the Key Expert (KE) in charge of the Crowd management component of the project in assessing the units and setting priorities for the activities. Performing trainings, workshops and other activities related to the project, to improve the performance of the Myanmar Police Force in line activities established in the Description of the Action and the overall goals of the project.

Provide updates and improvements for current Standard Operational Procedures, and support in the development of new ones, in case needed and required by the Key Expert or the Crowd Management Working Group.

3.2. TASKS

The experts will:

o Support FIIAPP’s KE in Crowd management in the assessment process, visiting units and evaluating their capacities to perform their duties and work conditions.

o Provide inputs for the improvement of current SOP and the development of new procedures, systems and tactics.

o Perform the trainings and workshops assigned by the KE and under his direction.

o Provide inputs and suggestions to the KE to improve the quality of the activities within the areas of responsibility of the project.

o Participate in internal workshops and activities to update the KE and the CM Working Group on the implementation of the projects and all issues related.

o Report to the KE and provide complete reports of every activity performed for FIIAPP.

o Make recommendations for improvement in any area when a flaw or dysfunction is found out.

o Participate in workshops to update and train in the new procedures developed and the approved SOPs.


The profile of the experts for this contract are as follow:

Qualifications and skills (required):

· Former or current Law Enforcement Officer

· Experience as Police or Military Trainer in tactical subjects, preferably related with Riot Control and Crowd Management

· Full working proficiency in English language

· Capacity to operate in isolated harsh environment under extreme weather conditions.

· Ability to communicate at all levels and work in multicultural contexts and teams

Specific professional experience (desirable):

· Experience as Trainer, Advisor or related jobs at international levels, for law enforcement, military forces and international agencies with the same duties and missions.

· Experience in assessment and development of Police technics and tactics for forces or agencies worldwide (work experience in Southeast Asia is an asset)

· Experience in assessment, training methodologies and training management

· Martial Arts or other defence techniques qualified trainer or expert. (Shock knife, Taser or Police baton trainer is an asset)

· Technical knowledge and training experience on LEFR&TCC, TCCC, IARD and MACTAC areas

· Experience in Crowd Management and Riot Control units, or Police units with similar missions.

For more information, please refer to our ToRs:

How to apply:

Interested candidates who meet the above criteria are invited to send their CV to:

The call is open until 10th of February 2017.

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