Turkey: Programme Manager Livelihood

Organization: Expertise France
Country: Turkey
Closing date: 15 Feb 2017

Post Title: Programme Manager Livelihood

Duty station: Gaziantep – Turkey

Duration of assignment: 8 months- with possibility of extension

  1. Introduction

Expertise France is a public agency created on 1st January 2015 and merging 6 French public agencies under the supervision of the French Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Economy and Finance with a strong inter-ministerial vocation. EF offers project engineering and technical assistance by developing and implementing international cooperation actions worldwide. EF operates in various fields ofdevelopment and institutional cooperation including safety and security reform, post-crisis/ stability, public health, human rights, strengthening of institutions and NGOs and governance. Carrying outlarge-scale, multi-stakeholder projects, EF can ensure the cooperation between individuals, teamsand institutions with very different statuses, cultures and specialties. Besides, EF has acquired asound experience in administrative and financial management of large-scale international projects.

EF is accredited by the European Union for the management of delegated Community funds.

  1. Context

The Syrian conflict is having a devastating and lasting impact on Syria and across the region. With theconflict entering its sixth year, the needs of the affected populations for assistance, including 9.3million people inside the country and more than 2.7 million refugees plus their overstretched hostcommunities in neighboring countries, are of an unprecedented scale.In 2013, the Syria crisis has transformed itself from a humanitarian emergency to a multidimensionaland protracted crisis directly affecting several countries in the region – mainly Lebanon and Jordan,but also Iraq, Turkey and Egypt – whose social and economic capacity to deal with the ever growing influx of refugees is all but exhausted. All actors involved in the response agree that this massivechallenge requires a comprehensive regional response not only including humanitarian aid but alsolonger-term structural support to host countries and communities, especially as no political solutionto the crisis is in sight in the short-term.

At present, it is particularly those who live outside of Government of Syria controlled areas who arefacing at best irregular humanitarian supplies and quickly deteriorating public services andinfrastructure. Local councils have been formed in many places as makeshift governance structuresto maintain or rebuild a minimum of basic services. In that context, and since 2013, Expertise France has developed and manages direct stabilization projects to conflict affected communities in Syria, including through support to civilian structures.

Implementation strategy, within the broad framework of livelihood concept, will be based on following pillars:

AGRICULTURE/FOOD SECURITY: aiming at increasing food security and income opportunities at household level ; expanding network of farmers, businesses and associations who have the capacity to develop local production and trade, generating jobs and revenues

ENABLING ENVIRONMENT: supporting Local Institutions to deliver essential services; rehabilitating strategic infrastructures; providing service to support social aggregation and cohesion.

SUPPORT TO ENTREPENEURSHIP: promoting activities aimed at reviving the business sector out of the War Economy and enlarging job opportunities adopting traditional and non traditional options (Eg, from traditional manufacturing to jobs opportunities on the web).

Governance and Gender will be two strategic cross-cutting issue fully considered in the implementation strategy of EF.

  1. Job Purpose – Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities

The Livelihood Program manager will be in charge of the implementation of the DFID/Livelihood and governance Program in Syria. He/She will be responsible for assessing and compiling existing socio-economic data (in cooperation with the Monitoring and Evaluation manager), review on-going livelihoods activities and local development plans, map out partnership opportunities, and develop or implement comprehensive livelihood strategies for field operations. The incumbent will be under the supervisory management by Head of Mission/Coordinator of Programs.

He will carry out the following activities;

  • Liaise with other mission members (EF and GIZ) on the analysis, proposals and field activities.
  • Develop feasible strategies to reinforce beneficiaries’ capacities, address capacity gaps, and enhance their access to employment/self-employment.

  • Review respective project implementation arrangements and security related issues of project execution. If appropriate, provide monitoring and evaluation indicators, recommend pragmatic and realistic coordination and implementation arrangements, provide rough cost estimates for the envisaged interventions;

  • Develop the ‘networks’ strategic partners (authorities, other NGOs , UN Agencies , Donors … )

  • Identify and summarize the profile of the target population, women and vulnerable groups in particular and establish criteria for a selection process.

  • Develop baseline indicators to enable regular assessment of changes in socio-economic profiles, livelihood assets and outcomes of beneficiaries, inclusive of age- and gender-differentials.

  • Consolidate and analyze context information, research and learning into the strategy

  • Review and summarize the needs for training, skills development and professional education for Programme Team and Implementing Partners

  • Participate in various forums on Livelihoods (clusters, coordination meetings, thematic groups )

  • Perform any other related duties upon instructions received from the Head of Mission.

  • Technical Skills, Experience & Knowledge

  • Proven experience in managing complex early recovery/development programmes.

  • Experience in management and capacity building of teams in complex contexts.

  • Demonstrated experience of integrating gender and diversity into programme strategies.

  • Good assessment, analytical, monitoring and evaluating and planning skills and project

management skills to enable programme delivery.

  • Ability to work with diplomacy, tact and sensitivity and experience in working within

different cultural contexts requiring cultural sensitivity.

  • Well developed interpersonal and team skills and proven ability to be flexible in

demanding situations and ability to work under pressure and in response to changing


  • Good coordination and team work skills.
  • Experience working with local NGOs as partners.
  • Proven experience of using value chain analysis & market mapping to undertake

programme design, implementation and staff / partner training.

  • Understanding and knowledge of economic recovery principles ideally in an urban context.
  • Excellent analytical and critical thinking ability and experience of high-level strategic


  • University degree in field related to Livelihood. Certificates of specific training courses related to Livelihood should be indicated.
  • Good knowledge of written and spoken English is essential
  • Good understanding of security and development debates and theories.
  • Work with other Programme Teams and other relevant colleagues to facilitate strategic


  • Capable and willing to work in a high level of diversity (culture, language, ethnic identity, religion)


The mission should start in February 2017 and last up to 8 months with possibility of extension.

The successful candidate will be proposed the signature of a service contract. The incumbent should ensure that all administrative or fiscal necessary requirements under the regulation have been respected.

How to apply:

Application procedure

  • CV in EU format and Application letter must be in English and sent by the end of 15th of February 2017 with subject: Programme Manager Livelihood.

  • Please send your applications to the following email address: applications.turkey@expertisefrance.fr

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