2017-2018 9th Grade Global Studies Teacher

Posted by: Boston Collegiate Charter School

Dorchester, MA, US


BCCS was founded in 1998 with a simple yet ambitious mission: to prepare each student for college. We have grown from 120 students in grades 5 through 7 to almost 700 students in grades 5 through 12.

  • 100% of BCCS’s graduating classes have been accepted to college. The majority of our students will be the first in their families to earn college degrees.
  • In 2016, 100% of BCCS students scored Advanced or Proficient on the 10th grade ELA MCAS exam, and 96% of BCCS students scored Advanced or Proficient on the 10th grade Math MCAS. Additionally, 100% of BCCS students scored Advanced or Proficient on the 9h grade Physics MCAS exam.
  • The school accepts students by random public lottery.

Current Openings:

We are looking for a smart, problem-solving, self-reflective, and passionate 9TH GRADE GLOBAL STUDIES TEACHER who wants to be part of a dynamic team to help continue to BUILD a school and to SHAPE its future direction. Our teachers:

  • believe we must all do whatever it takes to ensure all students are not only accepted to college but graduate successfully from college;
  • believe in measuring student academic achievement in tangible ways;
  • believe that data should drive instruction and that curriculum should be based on clear and rigorous standards;
  • believe in reflecting on their performance with the desire and humility to grow in and improve upon their craft in the interest of student achievement;
  • believe in having the highest expectations for all students and not making excuses for them, the school, or staff;
  • believe that students, families, teachers, and school leaders should be held strictly accountable for their work;
  • believe in building a positive school culture where respect, enthusiasm, effort, achievement, perseverance, community, and hard work are valued; and
  • believe that for every problem, there is a solution, and that if we can’t find the answer immediately, we simply work longer, harder, and smarter.

Candidates should be able to demonstrate mastery of subject knowledge, a proven ability to manage a classroom, the desire and ability to work up to the standards of a high-performing team, and an entrepreneurial spirit and approach to teaching and school reform. Ideally, candidates will have prior experience in an urban school.

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