Executive Assistant to the Development Director

Posted by: Corporate Accountability International (formerly INFACT)

Boston, MA, US

The take-away

Ready to take on some of the most powerful forces in our society? We’re looking for an executive assistant to our development director. Are you interested in joining a fierce, smart team challenging global corporations, holding them accountable, and creating a world where all people can thrive? Read on…

Why you’ll love coming to work every dayYou’ll help change the world. We’re not kidding. You’ll join a team that’s not satisfied with the world as it is — and has a vision for how it should be. Add a nearly 40-year track record of winning campaigns and smart plans to win even bigger in the face of Trump’s regime, and you’ve got a powerful force to be reckoned with.

You’ll work with awesome people. Join a team of super-smart, kind, funny, gritty, determined, and optimistic folks. We work hard, celebrate victories large and small, and have your back through it all.

You’ll be a part of fearless and winning campaigns. When you’re in the business of ending corporate abuses, you can’t be afraid to name names and stick to your guns. For almost 40 years we’ve been exposing and challenging the abuses of the likes of Nestlé, Exxon Mobil, Philip Morris International, McDonald’s, Dow Chemical, and more. We don’t back down, and we run campaigns until we win.

You can take on big responsibilities as you go. You’ll thrive here if you’re ready to take on more as you learn and grow. We pay lots of attention to growing staff leadership, and we provide support and training to help you be the best you can be.

You’ll find a culture of inclusiveness, because it matters in all sorts of ways. We are deeply committed to prioritizing the leadership of those who bear the brunt of corporate abuse: women, people of color, low-income people, people in the Global South, and LGBTQ folks around the world. Our unique culture has been fostered by a long history of women at the helm. We know we are stronger when the organization reflects the vision of the world we’re building together.

What you’ll do

We run hard-hitting campaigns, and our ambitious fundraising powers that work. Working in close partnership with the development director, you’ll help run a vibrant, successful development unit to making sure we reach — and blow past — our fundraising goals. Every time. And you will be essential to supporting the fundraising of the executive leadership, including the president and executive director. (By the way, that’s just about 50 years of combined women’s leadership in the social justice world that you’ll be learning from — no big deal.)

You will assist the development director to make sure she achieves her goals and coordinate the development department to its highest capacity. Your role is essential to ensuring we raise the funds we need to create change on some of today’s most pressing issues, including the expansion of corporate power under the Trump administration, water privatization, climate change, our food system, and the abuses of the tobacco industry.

Eighty-five percent of our funding comes from individual donors, so the development unit is all about relationships: creating and maintaining solid relationships with the people who give money and take action with us to create a better world. We’ve got talented major gift organizers who meet with and raise gifts from major donors. We’ve got a crack membership team that engages thousands members and lets them know every day how vital they are to our campaigns’ successes. And we’ve got beautifully nerdy folks who keep our data in tip-top shape and do the number-crunching and analysis that guide the decisions we make on the fly and for the long-term. Plus staff across the organization regularly take on development work — from campaign directors to the communications team.

No doubt, you’ll have to keep moving a lot of pieces. It’s a complicated engine to keep purring. A lot of balls to juggle without dropping a single one. If you’re the right person for the job, you’ll be the wind beneath the development sails, and the anchor to keep it centered and focused.

Ready? Here we go!

Who you are

  • The rampant abuses of corporations and the outrageous amount of power they have make you mad as hell — and you want to do something about it. Plus you know that social justice movements need to be funded, so you’re not afraid to ask for money to help change the world.
  • You have experience managing projects from start to finish, meeting tough deadlines, and managing both up and down to get what you need. It goes without saying that you are highly organized and a true people-person.
  • You thrive in a fast-paced, high-volume environment. You can turn on a dime when you need to. You jump at the chance to take on new challenges. And you don’t bat an eye when we need to change up the plan to make it stronger and better…yesterday.
  • You are a systems thinker — you know that good systems are vital to achieving ambitious goals.
  • You know how to use the power of language to move people and create change. You’re a stellar writer and verbal communicator.
  • You have at least three years’ experience in a professional nonprofit setting, ideally with a campaign or a grassroots fundraising focus.

What you’ll be responsible for in the day-to-day

  • Managing the development director’s scheduling and calendar. This means you’re fielding dozens requests for her time daily and proactively troubleshooting, prioritizing, proposing solutions, and staying on top of every last detail to ensure she has what she needs before she even know she needs it.
  • Managing high-priority projects across the development department. These include everything from making sure the annual report gets into our donors hands on a timely basis every year to managing rapid-response projects as new opportunities come up to raise more money and accomplish even more in our campaigns.
  • Being the communications hub for the development department. That means communicating to staff across the organization — as well as major donors — on behalf of the development director. It also means drafting fundraising updates and other materials as needed.
  • Being the planning and administrative hub for the development department. You’ll track progress and think big to make sure we’re on track for our goals. You’ll also be the agenda-preparer and note-taker for department meetings — and most importantly, the follow-upper to make sure those next steps are taken.
  • Enthusiastically participate in organization-wide planning, fundraising, recruitment, and campaign activities.

Salary and benefits:

  • Your salary will be commensurate with experience.
  • Our generous benefit package includes health insurance and dental coverage; FSA for transit, healthcare, and dependent care; and 401(k) with employer match.
  • Generous vacation and holiday policies.
  • Ongoing training and leadership development opportunities.
  • Energetic Campaign Headquarters complete with open, collaborative work spaces and a big social kitchen.

Location: Campaign Headquarters in downtown Boston, MA.

Corporate Accountability International is a member-powered organization that protects human rights, public health, and the environment from corporate abuse around the world. Since 1977, we’ve secured lifesaving victories in the face of tremendous power, money, and influence.

Corporate Accountability International is an equal opportunity employer and an inclusive organization. People of color, women, and LGBTQ people are strongly encouraged to apply. Join more than 60 smart and driven staff and interns working in this dynamic organization with a powerful network of members and allies around the world.

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