Project Development Manager – Philippines

By adrien

Description du poste (profil):
Ensure ACTED Representation in the area of activity Representation vis-à-vis provincial authorities: Participate in official meetings to ensure maximum visibility vis-à-vis provincial authorities Representation vis-à-vis Donors: Establish and update contact details of potential Donors active in the area of activity; Participate in Donor meetings at provincial level and communicate relevant information to the Country Director; Circulate the Annual Report. Representation amongst other international organisations: Participate in inter-NGO Coordination meetings and those of UN Agencies (OCHA, UNDP, UNICEF, FAO, etc.), and any other relevant inter-governmental institution at provincial level; Ensure maximum visibility of the Agency amongst the NGO community at provincial level; Lead the production of reports and ensure the timeliness and accuracy of information provided, as well ensuring confidentiality of sensitive information. More generally, the DAC is expected to contribute to the creation of a positive image and overall credibility of the organisation, notably through the application of ACTED’s mandate, ethics, values and stand-point with regard to other actors. Contribute to the development of a global intervention strategy and to support its implementation at provincial level Analyse the context and develop strategic plans, in consultation with the Area coordinator and the Country Director: Gather and analyse information regarding opportunities and risk; Define an operational strategy for finances and HR. Implement the financial strategy: Oversee drafting of projects and budget development; Lead fund-raising and negotiations with Donors in the area of intervention; Lead the application and adherence to contract terms and requirements; Supervise overall financial commitments and financial risk. Implement the operational strategy: Supervise Project Managers of the area of intervention in project implementation; Help the various teams in negotiations with provincial/local authorities and partners; Ensure global coordination and complementarity amongst projects within the area of intervention; Assess activities and ensure efficient use of resources. Oversee reporting procedures: Develop a reporting schedule with regard to Donor deadlines; Plan and supervise the development of narrative and financial reports; Ensure adherence to FLAT procedures. More generally, communicate systematically to the Country Director the development of the sub area strategy and its implementation. Oversee Staff and Security Guide and direct the staff of the area of intervention: Organise and lead coordination meetings; Prepare and follow work plans; Ensure a positive working environment and good team dynamics (solve out potential conflicts); Promote team working conditions in the limit of private life; Adapt the organigramme and ToRs of personnel according to the area development; Undertake regular appraisals of directly supervised colleagues and pass appraisal forms to the Country Administrator with recommendations (new position, changes to contract or salary etc.); Contribute to the recruitment of expatriate staff: Follow recruitment procedures: plan recruitment needs in advance; draft ToRs for open vacancies; if necessary undertake phone interviews with candidates; When requested by HQ, undertake interviews of expatriate candidates living in the area of intervention. Oversee staff security: In cooperation with the Area Security Officer, monitor the local security situation and inform both Country Security Officer and Country Director of developments through regular written reports; Update the security guidelines in the area of intervention; Ensure that security procedures are respected by the whole staff.

Master Level education in a relevant field such as International Relations or Development • Project management experience (management, planning, staff development and training skills) in development programmes • 2-5 years previous work experience in a relevant position • Proven capabilities in leadership and management required • Excellent skills in written and spoken English • Strong negotiation and interpersonal skills, and flexibility in cultural and organizational terms • Ability to work well and punctually under pressure

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