Kenya: Project Coordinator for the Canada Funds for Local Intitiatives

Organization: Government of Canada
Country: Kenya
Closing date: 12 May 2017


Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI) Coordinator 2017–2018

The High Commission of Canada in Kenya is pleased to invite offers for a contractor to provide services as a Coordinator for the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives.

The successful bidder will oversee the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives for the 2017-2018 funding cycle.

General mandate

The CFLI Coordinator is responsible for carrying out project identification, project monitoring, and maintenance of files for Canada Fund projects, preparing appropriate Canada Fund approval documents and reports, and undertaking all related financial and administrative tasks under the direction of the Foreign Policy and Diplomacy Service (FPDS) program manager (Political Counsellor). The CFLI Coordinator is responsible and accountable for all operational functions of the CFLI. The Coordinator must plan, implement, and administer effective systems and procedures in accordance with CFLI and Global Affairs Canada regulations, enabling the CFLI to deliver its goals and objectives successfully.

More information about the CFLI program is available here:

Specific Mandate

More specifically, the CFLI Coordinator is responsible for:

· Remaining familiar with CFLI programme requirements and being well-informed on all associated policies, practices and administrative systems.

· Identifying local projects and agencies which could benefit from the CFLI.

· Reading, analyzing and replying to incoming letters, emails, phone calls, visitors and project proposals, both solicited and unsolicited.

· Requesting, as necessary, further documentation and information on project requests likely to qualify for approval.

· Providing advice and guidance on completing project proposals.

· Serving as the contact point for CFLI project partners.

· Supporting the mission in CFLI promotion.

· Assessing proposed CFLI projects in terms of their potential impact on the recipient population, the management capacity of the implementing partner, political and legal repercussions, and their potential impact on women and the environment.

· Preparing lists of project proposals for the CFLI Committee with recommendations for consideration by the Head of Mission and rationales for those recommendations. All submissions must be done within the timeline set by the Committee.

· Once the CFLI Committee has selected proposals to go forward, preparing the Project Approval Documents (PADs), Environmental Assessments forms, and Contribution Agreements (CAs), using standardized templates as outlined in the CFLI Guidelines and guidance received from GAC.

· Preparing CFLI Committee minutes/summaries of meetings for approval.

· Advising FPDS about proposals received which do not conform to the program requirements and for which rejection is recommended.

· Preparing all correspondence relating to project proposals and other aspects of the program.

· Drafting reports, such as the Mission End-of-Project Report for each project and the CFLI Program Year-End Report.

· Remaining well informed on organizations currently receiving CFLI funds, including the timing of expected reports and disbursements.

· Maintaining CFLI electronic and paper project files as per CFLI guidelines (one per project), in electronic and/or paper format. This includes maintaining financial records on the status of the CFLI funds (past and upcoming disbursements, administration costs, the free balance, etc.).

· Monitoring project activities in accordance with the approved monitoring plan (which may require field visits), to ensure that funded projects are meeting their targets and fulfilling their reporting requirements.

· Organizing logistics and providing support for FPDS or HOM field visits upon request.

· Ensuring that project reporting is done on time and appropriately.

· Maintaining a computerized data base on CFLI project documentation.

· Maintaining an up-to-date computerized spreadsheet and cash flow of accounts for all CFLI expenditures, including an accurate disbursement schedule and a log sheet in relation to projects where payments are to be made in installments, following a pre-determined disbursement schedule.

· Overall management of the CFLI programming and operational budgets.

· Reviewing correspondence and ensure timely response to inquiries, and maintaining records of all communications with recipient organisations.

· Preparing briefs or other background materials on CFLI projects, if requested by FPDS.

· In cooperation with recipient organizations and FPDS Public Affairs Officer, promoting and publicizing projects through a variety of means, including social media.

· For each project, verifying invoices against funds provided to the recipients.

· Cooperating with audit and evaluation exercises by ensuring complete project files and by providing information about the CFLI, as required.

Professional Qualifications

· Knowledge of the recipient countries and their development priorities.

· Excellent project and budget management skills.

· Ability to assess organizations and projects.

· Ability to pro-actively plan and organize work.

· Ability to communicate effectively, orally and in writing, in English.

· Willingness to travel within the countries of accreditation, if required (Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi).

· Understanding of Government of Canada regulations and policies around transfer payment programs.

Asset Qualifications

· Knowledge and experience related to the CFLI program

· Ability to communicate effectively, orally and in writing, in French.

· Experience working at an Embassy or High Commission, ideally a Canadian Embassy or High Commission

Other desirable personal qualities

· Tact, courtesy, discretion, initiative and good judgement.

· Self-starter who can work independently.

Rate of pay

· CAD 20 per hour based on qualifications and relevant experience.

Contract end date

· April 30, 2018 with possibility of renewal. Work not expected to be full-time for the duration of the contract.

Condition of employment

· Attainment of Government of Canada Security Clearance at “Reliability” level or higher.

How to apply:

To Apply

Expressions of interest to be emailed by close of business (16h00) on Friday 12th May, 2017 as below:

Email address:

Subject: CFLI Coordinator