Turkey: Qualitative Research Interviewer – (Part-time) – Arabic and English speaker

Organization: Johns Hopkins University
Country: Turkey
Closing date: 05 Jun 2017

The Center for Public Health and Human Rights at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (JHSPH) has partnered with the Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) and the International Rescue Committee (IRC) to investigate the nature, scope, and variety of ethical challenges experienced by humanitarian health organizations in the context of Syria, where violence directed at civilians generally, and health care services in particular, is both chronic and extreme. The project entails reviewing the work and experiences of health care providers working in Syria, and their staff, through document reviews, interviews, and workshops, and then developing a framework and tool for ethical decision-making with guidelines for humanitarian groups to resolve complex ethical challenges arising from operating in such an environment.

Purpose of the consultancy:
JHSPH is seeking a part-time consultant to conduct interviews with doctors, nurses, health workers, and managers/coordinators in the field (over Skype) or in-person in Gaziantep.

The consultant will assist on an as-needed basis, depending on when interviews are scheduled and interviewees are available. Key relationships include the Project Coordinator (SAMS) and the Principal Investigators (JHSPH). Pay will be based on a daily rate, (full day, half day).

Duties & responsibilities:

  1. Conduct in-depth interviews with NGO field staff selected for interviews by JHSPH and the Project Coordinator via Skype or other remote method as designated by the project in-person (In Gaziantep).

  2. Follow a research protocol and interview guide.

  3. Receive training on obtaining informed consent and conducting interviews and abide by instructions from the Principal Investigator or designee and receive and utilize feedback about performance from the Principal Investigator and co-investigators on the project on a daily basis.

  4. Discuss the findings with the project coordinator, Principal Investigator and co-investigators and inform them of any adverse events.

  5. Conduct the interviews in Arabic or in English, depending on the preference of the interviewee.

  6. Translate interview from Arabic to English for interviews conducted by Principal Investigator or co-investigator, or if otherwise necessary.

  7. Have or obtain a certificate in human subjects research or take online training to obtain such a certificate.

Location of work: Various local and international NGOs throughout Gaziantep.

Period of work: The period will be as needed for 3 months, with the possibility of extension until interviews have completed.

Qualifications and experience:

· University Degree in social science field, or currently enrolled in a social science Master’s program, such as Sociology, Psychology, Public Health or Anthropology.

· Minimum of one year of NGO experience.

· Experience in working on humanitarian assistance projects is preferred.

· Experienced with narrative interviewing for qualitative research projects is highly preferred.

· Familiarity with requirements of informed consent and means of obtaining it.

· Willing to travel within Turkey for interviews.

· Fluent in Arabic and English, written and spoken.

· Flexible schedule.

· Proficient in use of Skype and other platforms for communication by voice.

· Willing to communicate frequently with Project Coordinator, and investigators as needed, over phone or email.

· Possesses strong empathetic, listening, and communication skills.

· Able to be flexible and comfortable in an interview setting.

· Able to work with sensitive, and potentially distressing, subject material.

· Able to maintain participant confidentiality.

· Able to work collaboratively.

· Interested in contributing to the improvement of humanitarian health services delivery.

How to apply:

Please send your resume with a cover letter to drayes@sams-usa.net with the subject JH/SAMS INTERVIEWER by the 31st of May 2017.

For specific inquiries related to this opportunity, please contact lrubenstein@jhu.edu.