United States of America: Senior Management Advisor – Washington, D.C. (Intermittent)

Organization: US Agency for International Development
Country: United States of America
Closing date: 16 May 2017

The OTI Senior Management Advisor – Washington, D.C. is an intermittent Personal Services Contract (PSC) position at the GS-15 equivalent level and located in Washington D.C. Applications for this position are due no later than May 16, 2017 at 1:00pm Eastern Time. For full information about this position, as well as instructions on how to apply, please read the entire solicitation at www.OTIjobs.net.


The Senior Management Advisor is an expert in the multitude of functions that comprise program operations and management for USAID’s Office of Transition Initiatives programs in Washington, D.C. and occasionally in the field. The Senior Management Advisor provides services which require the highest level of professionalism, knowledge, diplomacy, and expertise. This individual must be readily available to provide the required services on an intermittent basis, often on short notice with little time for preparation. From time to time, the Senior Management Advisor may be requested to travel to OTI field offices, which are located in countries with complex problems, often in difficult and harsh environments, with some offices located in countries with no other USAID presence. However, the majority of the incumbent’s time will be spent at OTI headquarters in Washington, D.C. The Senior Management Advisor reports to the Chief of OTI’s Operations and Management Division or his/her designee which may be the Chief of Field Programs Division or Country Team Leaders, and spends his or her time working side by side with OTI Washington, D.C. staff and with country program implementation teams in the Field. All of the field activities supported and the majority of the headquarters activities supported are transition program implementation-focused.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Under the direct supervision of the Chief, Management and Operations Division or his/her designee, the Senior Management Advisor will perform the following duties:

  • Conduct field site visits where OTI has country programs to assess and evaluate administrative management systems, issues and operations for OTI country program start-ups, management, and close-out, and if necessary, provide in-country reviews and advice regarding the internal control procedures of OTI implementing partners to help improve program support and coordination with the OTI country team;

  • Serve as a management analyst for OTI transition programs in Washington, and occasionally in the field;

  • Execute proper administrative start-up procedures that provide quick and smooth running of operations for OTI field offices;

  • Provide advice on personnel support services for program funded personal service contract positions such as establishing PSC (US and FN) positions, as well as for implementing partner staff positions, and reviewing position descriptions and market value analyses and justifications;

  • When required, lead, manage and implement an assigned country program, including assessing project sites and participating committee(s) to select OTI implementing partners (contractors and/or grantees) to execute OTI’s country program; monitor and evaluate the country program, individual projects, and contractor and grantee performance; and negotiate program and project agreements with host countries and non-governmental officials within the guidelines provided by the OTI/Washington Team Leader;

  • Be readily available on an intermittent basis to provide OTI with advice and assistance on OTI and government management policies and systems at all levels of the organization;

  • At times, be available as a resource for other USAID offices or USG agencies when the work corresponds with the incumbent’s experience, the scope of work, and with the clearance of the Supervisor and Office Director;

  • When required, step into a range of roles, including program management, operations support, and oversight roles, as well as the highest of leadership and management positions in OTI, helping to fill program implementation and management gaps to ensure that OTI programs continue to run smoothly;

  • Review field staff mixes with the OTI country team for both the ongoing OTI program staff and the ongoing OTI implementing partner staff to ascertain that field staff requirements are adequate, and review the preparation of staff training plans to ensure that they are adequate and that they are fully implemented in support of transition programs, and conduct training for OTI and implementing partner staff as needed;

  • Develop and provide training for headquarters and field staff (both U.S. and foreign national as well as implementing partner staff on the ground) as needed to ensure that OTI staff are in compliance with OTI policies as well as Agency regulations;

  • Conduct records management reviews of both OTI and implementing partner staff to ensure that files are established, maintained and disposed of in accordance with OTI policies for managing transition grant records, as well as USAID policies and procedures;

  • Ensure that all OTI property is properly inventoried, marked, and in good condition (this refers to OTI property purchased through the mission or from Washington – property purchased through the OTI contractor must be inventoried as well, in coordination with the OTI contractor), and that inventory controls are in place to ensure proper use of program-funded property;

  • Execute proper close-out procedures for ending OTI country transition programs that include proper disposition of property (including advise for OTI implementing partners on the disposition of property, as requested), termination of agreements such as ICASS, and termination of host country staff in accordance with the Embassy Compensation Plan and host country laws;

  • Advise on, and if necessary coordinate, management activities and issues between OTI and USAID/Missions and U.S. Embassies, implementing partners, as well as on occasion with DCHA, USAID geographic bureaus, Management Bureau, USAID/SEC;

  • As needed, advise OTI staff on OTI and Agency USPSC policies and issues; advise OTI USPSC employees on agency policies and regulations relating to the employment of program-funded USPSCS;

  • Work with country teams to coordinate with USAID/SEC and the Embassy RSO in the field to ensure that proper security measures are in place both in the OTI workplace and residences, and review OTI implementing partner security procedures with the OTI country team to ensure the same;

  • Establish relationships with OTI Washington and field staff, OTI implementing partner staff, and USAID and Embassy management officials, providing guidance and leadership on administrative management issues;

  • As needed, serve on assignments with other USAID offices or bureaus in direct support of OTI programs;

  • If completing an assignment overseas, identify and negotiate agreements with service providers (e.g. U.S. Embassy, USAID mission, OTI implementing partner, private firms, etc.), for OTI field team administrative support, and assess the quality and cost of services being provided to OTI field offices by USG and implementing partner service providers; advise OTI field managers on alternatives to be considered when services do not meet established quality standards. This includes ensuring that residential housing for OTI field staff (90% of whom are program funded), including furnishings and equipment, are adequate and consistent with Post policy; and ensuring that OTI program-funded vehicles are being maintained and operated in accordance with established guidelines (for vehicles purchased by the OTI contractor, ensure that the contractor is maintaining and operating them in accordance with their contract);

  • Coordinate with the OTI Country Team, IRM, USAID or the U.S. Embassy and the OTI implementing partner if necessary to ensure that OTI field programs are able to procure and install adequate computer hardware and software (either within the mission, or within the implementing partner office);

  • Advise on the establishment of ICASS agreements and review ICASS budgets and invoices in collaboration with the OTI Country Team to ensure that costs are consistent with the services being provided for OTI program funded staff, and assist with the determination of appropriate services (and levels of services) to be obtained under ICASS;

  • The supervisor will set overall objectives. The employee and the supervisor together will develop deadlines, projects, and work to be accomplished. The incumbent is expected to take initiative, act independently, and manage his/her tasks with minimal supervision;

  • If required to serve as Deputy Chief or Team Leader, must provide managerial and supervisory support including: orientation, training and mentoring for staff supervised; assign work, explain how duties are to be performed to meet expectations and communicate how the successful performance of those duties will be measured; evaluate staff performance; recognize good performance; communicate where performance needs to be improved; resolved complaints; and approve leave requests and timesheets as well as training, travel and program and operations requests;

  • Perform related duties as assigned by the supervisor to ensure the successful completion of country programs and operations.

Minimum Qualifications:

At a minimum, the applicant must have:

(1) A Master’s Degree with thirteen (13) years of work experience;


A Bachelor’s Degree with fifteen (15) years of work experience;


(2) Nine (9) years of experience in progressively more complex operation management or administrative management positions that have included human resources, contract and procurement, personal property management, records management, security, and other related functions, of which seven (7) years must have been overseas in conflict-prone countries, working in a development context, and in a supervisory management capacity;

(3) Demonstrated knowledge of U.S. government acquisition and assistance regulations, especially as applied in overseas settings in developing or crisis countries;

(4) Demonstrated experience putting together small and large teams/staff, including drafting position descriptions for program-funded contractor staff, hiring staff, mentoring/supervising/managing staff with varying skills sets over a multi-year period overseas.

Please direct questions about this position or the application process to the OTI Recruitment Team at otijobs@usaid.gov.

How to apply:

For full information about this position, as well as instructions on how to apply, please visit www.OTIjobs.net