Forestry GIS Mapping Technician in Klamath, California, United States with Green Diamond Resource Company

Provide Geographic Information System (GIS) updating and mapping support to RPFs for Timber Harvesting Plan (THP) preparation. Additional GIS support to the forestry staff will be provided as time and need allows. A progressive step as a Lead Forestry GIS Mapping Technician is possible for those with qualifications listed below.

• Generate maps as needed by Foresters for inclusion in THPs. Communicate and coordinate closely with Foresters and Forestry Technicians to ensure efficient and accurate mapping.
• Populate and update corporate data bases associated with Green Diamond’s fully integrated mapping system (CENGEA).
• Assist in training and provide primary support for Forestry staff while they are working in the mapping systems.
• Scan and orthorectify air photos for use by Foresters preparing THPs.
• Assist foresters and technicians with the use of mapping apps for mobile devices and with GPS data files.
• Coordinate with FRIS to help generate associated reports relating to cumulative impacts (AB47 requirements) for inclusion in THPs and provide information for depletions.
• Participate in departmental safety/staff meetings.
• As needed and as time allows, coordinate with FRIS to update the corporate database to reflect changes in GIS layers and associated attribute tables resulting from THPs, including roads and watercourse updates, in addition to unit boundaries, logging and silvicultural method boundaries, geologic features, and retention areas
• Will have the opportunity to perform field work on Timber Harvest Plans.
• As needed and as time allows, assist chief forester/forestry manager with GIS data analysis and reporting projects or other special projects.

Lead Technician Step Progression:

In order to be considered eligible for a lead technician position, there must be a business need for the position to be filled. Qualifications include:

• At least two years of comprehensive technician experience at GDRCo in the given discipline of the opening. This may include a combination of forestry GIS mapping technician work and field technician work.
• Demonstrated effective leadership and interpersonal skills at GDRCo in order to fulfill job duties such as mentoring and training full-time or seasonal technicians as needed, developing more efficient work flows for THP related mapping responsibilities and demonstrating a willingness to accept increasing responsibility.
• Demonstrate a willingness and ability to stay current with technological advances that relate to forestry utilization of GIS applications.
• Advanced technical skills such as assisting with quality assurance of GIS mapping data and FRIS corporate data, providing independent answers to technical GIS questions and resolving a variety of GIS/THP mapping issues of moderately complex scope. Other advanced skills would include recognized accomplishment of department objectives to ensure improved forester efficiency in preparation of THP maps; quality data entry and accurate report documentation; the demonstrated ability to troubleshoot unforeseen circumstances and provide good independent judgment and applying resource knowledge when confronted with unanticipated problems.
• Demonstrate the ability to collaborate with other departments and meet the needs of those departments while maintaining a high level of productivity.


• Successfully completed college courses in Forestry, GIS or Natural Resource field.
• Must have a valid CA Driver’s License.
• Proficient computer skills in Microsoft Office Suite and ArcGIS.
• Knowledge of the principles of forest engineering and THP layout and how to apply those principles in the context of a working GIS.
• The ability to learn and understand the requirements of the State Forest Practice Rules, the GDRCo Northern Spotted Owl Habitat Conservation Plan and Aquatic Habitat Conservation Plan and other GDRCo programmatic permits or agreements in order to provide accurate mapping and attribution of features required by these types of documents.
• Ability to understand and apply principles of photogrammetry in order to provide orthorectification of air photos.
• Must be an active and contributing participant in the Forestry Department Safety program.
• Demonstrated ability to navigate with the aid of a map and compass.
• Must be able to take responsibility for the quality of own work products as well as own personal safe behaviors.
• Ability to work overtime as necessary.
• Effective and professional relationships with co-workers within immediate work group, outside the immediate department, and with key contacts outside the company.
• Effective and productive communications skills; speaks well, communicates ideas clearly. Writes well, clearly and concisely. Is approachable and open to discussion.
• Conducts self in a professional manner at all times. Treats others with respect at all times. Does not tolerate discrimination based on race, gender, religion, ethnic background, or national origin. Shares knowledge with others and participates in mentoring.
• Manages multiple priorities professionally with minimum disruption to others. Organized and proactively manages environment. Responds to unexpected challenges successfully without losing track of daily responsibilities. Prioritizes workload in order of importance. Reliably follows through with job assignments.
• Learns, applies and retains new methods and information. Creative in solving problems. Exhibits a “can do” attitude with a positive approach to challenges. Views obstacles as opportunities to learn and grow.


• Bachelor’s Degree in Forestry, GIS, Natural Resources Management or related field — (or equivalent combination of education, training or experience that provides the required knowledge skills and abilities).
• One year of experience as a Forestry Technician assisting in layout and development of Timber Harvest Plans.
• Formal training using ArcGIS and/or Structured Query Language (SQL), preferably in a field related to forest management.
• Experience using Microsoft data management software in a work environment.
• Knowledge of harvesting systems and road layout skills.
• Working knowledge of the California Forest Practice rules and the application.


• This position is located in Klamath, CA.
• Ability to work extended periods at a computer in an office setting.
• Works (10%+) of the time in the field under varying topography and climatic extremes.
• Must have the ability to see distance and detail with accuracy.
• Must have ability to work independently and without immediate supervision in remote areas.
• Occasional field work could expose employee to wildlife encounters, poison oak, nettles, pollen, dust, pesticides and/or insect bites.
• Occasional travel to remote company locations.
• Ability to tour logging operations, attend training and company functions.
• Must maintain punctual and regular attendance and present appropriate professional appearance at all times.
• Requires the use of standard safety equipment in regulation with GDRCo.
• This position is a Physical and Mental Requirement Classification 2.

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