Jordan: Consultancy in Photography/Videography/Graphic design -UNESCO Amman Office

Organization: UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
Country: Jordan
Closing date: 07 Jun 2017

UNESCO Office in Amman is seeking the support of a professional photo-journalist to contribute their professional and creative talents to develop high quality materials that tell the impact of the projects undertaken by the UNESCO Amman Office Education Sector.


a. The consultant will interact and engage with beneficiaries from the projects to understand their actual need and benefit from project interventions. Based on this, the consultant will produce substantial materials that will demonstrate the need for and impact of the projects from the perspective of the beneficiaries.

b. The assignment is to start in June and conclude at the end of November. The table in Section D outlines the deadline for deliverables. It is not expected that this is a full-time consultancy and the work plan in the proposal should outline how the deliverables will be achieved most efficiently according to each deadline. The number of working days per month will vary based on the need and it is expected that working days will be clustered within a month to limit the interference of students in the classroom.

c. To be successful, the consultant will:

  • Successfully capture and emotionally express the core elements of the situation assigned for coverage

  • Provide different visual perspectives (close-up, medium range, long distance), in both horizontal and vertical formats;

  • Make sure pictures are technically good (properly exposed, processed and framed)

  • Supplies all photographic and video equipment, professional digital camera and a range of accessories, and agrees to provide rough edit selections of best images, with complete caption information.

  • Professional photographers are expected to supply complete caption information imbedded on the picture and in word document running caption list that references the file name of each image, with appropriate background information. All subjects should be identified by what they do, if not self-evident. Names for all people are NOT necessary. Please provide names (and, for children, ages) only if a story is related to them. Names of places are essential, including whether the location is a village, town, district.

  • Professional photographers are expected to work closely with another UNESCO consultant and facilitate his/her work on developing human interest stories and graphic design, mainly, help him/her interpret Arabic and English during interview section.

  • Utilize his/her network and communication and negotiation skills to try to build connection with media (namely TV, billboard and so on) to better propagate videos, photos and stories.

How to apply:

To apply, please click on the following link: