Kenya: Senior Supply Chain Program Manager (Vaccine VAN)

Organization: John Snow
Country: Kenya
Closing date: 30 Jun 2017


The MOH’s National Vaccine and Immunization Program (NVIP) is seeking a Senior Supply Chain Program Manager for the Visibility and Analytics Network for Vaccines (VxVAN) project, funded by Gavi and other partners during this initial phase. This initiative aims to provide end-to-end visibility of supply chain data and improve informed decisions and actions by connecting people, processes and tools to achieve NVIP’s vision and ensure potent vaccines and related supplies are available at Service Delivery Points (SDPs) as needed to serve clients.

The candidate will be responsible for ensuring the seamless implementation of technical project activities and completion of deliverables for the VxVAN project. S/he will prioritize the coordination of information and activities among key stakeholders involved in the VxVAN. S/he will work closely with the NVIP team, reporting directly to the chair of the VAN core team at NVIP, and be responsible for compilation of reports to Gavi and other donors. S/he will also work closely with DHL and other VxVAN implementing partners in providing oversight on the implementation plan and supporting the governance and coordination of partners to help improve supply chain efficiency.

The position will involve field travels. This is a seconded position, sitting with the NVIP in Kenya. Recruitment, hiring, and employment duration for this position is contingent upon funding.


  1. Manage and oversee the implementation plan; support the governance and coordination of partners to help improve supply chain efficiency.

  2. Provide oversight and support in developing the design and scale up of the VxVAN, including integration of the Transport Support Hub implemented by the 4PL

  3. Manage a complex set of stakeholders and partner organizations at various levels to meet VAN objectives

  4. Assist in aligning VAN objectives with other investments and initiatives by drawing parallels and linkages as required

  5. Proactive management and governance to ensure that implementation by DHL/the 4PL contributes effectively to the overall VxVAN and builds capacity and skills within the MOH VAN team


  1. Understand and track the current immunization supply chain operations and specific functions that can be improved using the VxVAN approach

  2. Understand and articulate NVIP and supply chain partners’ views on how Supply Chain Operations can be improved (and their measurable impact)

  3. Expound on the existing core KPIs as needed to monitor an operational Supply Chain

  4. Analyze the existing Supply Chain capabilities and gaps to understand the landscape, issues, players and objectives

  5. Work with VAN teams to align the VAN design and implementation to the building blocks of NVIP’s overall Strategy

  6. Develop a comprehensive project plan and get necessary approvals

  7. Support alignment and coordination of incoming technical assistance

  8. Ensure program cycle timelines & milestones are met


  1. Provide a single point of contact for NVIP, partners and donors on all VxVAN related issues.

  2. Use SC analytics identified to project & forecast the outcome of various SC improvements.

  3. Maintain a portfolio of improvement projects, assist in their prioritization and ensure project teams are created to drive the scope, schedule and resources.

  4. Formulate the project plans with corresponding needs for technical assistance and anticipated costs.

  5. Establish standards of quality to be followed.

  6. Proactively manage the project progress, evaluate the feasibility of all project initiatives, their costs/benefits/risks and take corrective actions when necessary and generate adequate reports.

  7. Provide leadership and cultivate a culture of consensus and coordination


The candidate should be a strong program manager, an excellent communicator, team oriented but completely self-managing, effective in building and maintaining internal and external relations and solution- and outcome- oriented. The candidate should have a solid foundation in supply chain, a robust background in the use of data and analytics to drive change, experience in change management and ability to communicate effectively and proactively in a sensitive and political working environment in a bid to resolve any challenges. The VxVAN brings together different partnerships including the government, private and non profit organizations. As such, the candidate will work closely with these partners to ensure a successful VxVAN.

Suitable candidates should have:

· Worked in a complex Supply Chain transformation program, and/or multi dimensional change programs within a government organization, and/or bring experience with senior stakeholder management in a complex organization

  • A strong understanding of Control Towers or Visibility & Analytics Networks and/or experience in private sector logistics, including 3PL and 4PL, is highly desirable
  • Interest in population, health, and/or development issues.


· Minimum of bachelor’s degree. A master’s degree or equivalent experience preferred

· Experience in project and stakeholder management

· 5 years’ experience in providing technical support and/or administrative experience.

  • Excellent writing, communication, and organizational skills (both analytical and problem solving).
  • Proficiency in Excel and ability to work comfortably in the MS Office package, specifically MSWord, Access, and PowerPoint.
  • Experience in working with governments, NGOs and donor community is highly desirable.
  • Experience in mining, analyzing, interpretation, presentation and visualization of data is desirable.

· Experience in documenting, packaging and dissemination of reports targeting multiple audience

· Experience in managing a health related program in a developing country.

How to apply:

Please apply directly on JSI’s website at: