Liberia: Infectious Disease Advisor, USAID/Liberia

Organization: US Agency for International Development
Country: Liberia
Closing date: 28 Jul 2017


SOLICITATION NO: SOL-669-17-000010

ISSUANCE DATE: June 05, 2017

CLOSING DATE/TIME: June 28, 2017, 4:30 pm Local Time

POSITION TITLE: Infectious Disease Advisor, USAID/Liberia

MARKET VALUE: GS-14 equivalent with a base annual salary range of $88,136 to $114,578. This does not include cost of living allowance (COLA), post differential or other allowances. Liberia currently provides a 30% COLA and 30% post differential in addition to base salary.

PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE: The contract will be for two years, with three renewable one-year option periods up to a maximum of five years.

PLACE OF PERFORMANCE: USAID/Liberia, Monrovia, Liberia

AREA OF CONSIDERATION: United States (US) citizens or U.S. Permanent Residents (non-U.S. citizens lawfully admitted for permanent residency) and Third Country Nationals (TCNs)

SUPERVISORY CONTROL: Minimal. Incumbent is expected to act independently with little direction.

POSITION TITLE OF DIRECT SUPERVISOR: The Contractor will report to the Supervisory Health Development Officer.

PHYSICAL & SECURITY CLEARANCE: The selected candidate must be able to obtain required medical and security clearances prior to the execution of the contract.



Consistent with Government of Liberia/Ministry of Health (GOL/MOH) health sector priorities, USAID/Liberia’s Health Office Results Framework is organized into three focus areas:

  • Improved Delivery and Increased Utilization of Quality RMNCH Services;
  • Increased Effectiveness of the Health System at National and County Levels, including Increased Access to Safe Water and Sanitation;
  • Improved GOL Capacity to Control Infectious Diseases.

Each focus area is led by a senior public health specialist who oversees a cluster of Health Office activities and staff.

In the aftermath of the 2014/2015 Ebola crisis, the Mission’s infectious disease portfolio has drastically expanded. Over the past three years, the focus area, Improved GOL Capacity to Control Infectious Diseases, has rapidly evolved and now includes malaria prevention and control supported through the President’s Malaria initiative (PMI), and the Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA) with major emphasis on the interface of animal and human health (zoonosis). The GHSA planning framework encompasses all infectious diseases, particularly emerging pandemic threats, and promotes a “One Health” approach to interventions, consistent with USAID/Liberia’s integrated health programming strategy. The Infectious Disease focus area serves as an information resource for the Health Office and the Mission on global and Liberia-specific infectious disease events, programs, surveillance and research.

The Infectious Disease Advisor will oversee and supervise relevant technical staff in the following activities:

  1. Management of the PMI team and implementation of the annual Malaria Operations Plan, including strategic oversight of working relationships with PMI/Washington, the Global Fund, the National Malaria Control Program, and local PMI implementing partners.

  2. Leading implementation of USAID’s GHSA mandate in Liberia, including three implementing partners who cover zoonotic disease surveillance and research, and development of Liberia’s One Health platform;

  3. Leading implementation of selected post-Ebola and other emerging infectious disease activities;

The Infectious Disease Advisor will be expected to demonstrate a high level of independence, professionalism, judgment and responsibility in supervising the work of four public health professionals and approximately ten projects/activities.


1. Technical and Programmatic Support

Expert technical and programmatic assistance, policy advice, guidance and support for all activities within the Infectious Disease focus area:

  • Offer expert technical and policy advice to USAID senior management, the Department of State, other US government agencies, host country counterparts, donor agencies, implementing partners, recipients, contractors, customers and other stakeholders, as appropriate.

  • Serve as the lead technical resource, strategic planner, agency representative, and interlocutor with USAID/Washington, host government counterparts, and implementing partners on all USAID/Liberia Infectious Disease activities, and/or delegate such responsibilities to Infectious Disease staff, as appropriate.

  • Provide technical and managerial leadership in development of all program documents, reports, briefs, and presentations required by USAID/Washington, USAID/Liberia, and the Health Office Director.

  • Maintain productive, diplomatic dialogue with relevant host country officials at the technical level. Develop strong working relationships with the host country government counterparts, implementing partners, and key stakeholders including other donors to gain knowledge of Liberia and the current health status, to identify needs and further shared priorities, and to coordinate and collaborate effectively to ensure an integrated infectious disease prevention and control in Liberia.

  • Represent USAID in relevant interagency, multi-sectoral and ministerial technical working groups, as directed by the Health Office Director.

  • Coordinate USAID Infectious Disease activities to promote collaboration and integration among, between and within USAID implementing partners to ensure a seamless assimilation of USAID investments, including joint planning, promoting improved networking and sharing of best

  • Practices in order to accelerate program implementation and impact.

  • Oversee the work of USAID Infectious Disease implementers based in Liberia. In particular, given the on-going programmatic consolidation of infectious disease programs, particularly integration of the President’s Malaria Initiative, the Global Health Security Agenda, and the One Health platform, facilitate coordination in program designs, work plans, information sharing and activity implementation to ensure complementary and harmonized approaches among infectious disease implementers.

  • Under the guidance and direction of the Health Office Director, the Infectious Disease Advisor will provide leadership and have discretion to exercise judgment in the planning, development, and managerial aspects of the infectious disease component of the portfolio, including: determination of work priorities; making decisions on implementation matters; identifying and resolving program issues and bottle necks; assuring that all activities are implemented in a technically-sound and cost-effective manner; and that activities are carried out in accordance with all applicable USAID regulations.

  • Participate on various ministry working groups and technical discussions related to infectious disease, including One Health fora, and other MOH coordinative mechanisms for emergency and pandemic preparedness and response.

2. Resource Management

Contribute to USAID agency-specific internal duties including, but not limited to program/activity, personnel, and resource management:

  • Supervise two or more staff directly, including setting work objectives and priorities, monitoring and evaluating performance, and mentoring to improve technical and managerial skills.
  • Serve as an Assistance Officer’s Representative (AOR) or Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) for assigned contracts, grants, and Government-to-Government agreements. AOR/COR functions include approving work plans, day-to-day responsibility for monitoring the implementation of activities, monitoring pipelines, processing obligation actions, and responding to requests for approvals or modifications to specific activities. It may also include writing technical justifications for changes to on-going programs, objectives, activities, or indicators.
  • Serve as an Activity Manager or alternate activity manager for Washington-based projects that operate in support of USAID/Liberia’s health program, as needed.
  • Design health development activities to meet Mission strategic objectives, as needed. This includes preparing statements of work for program descriptions, requests for proposals/applications, action memos, decision memos, Congressional Notifications, etc. Participate actively in the procurement process, as needed, in consultation with the USAID/Liberia’s Office of Acquisition and Assistance and other US government stakeholders.
  • Provide strategic technical direction and assistance in preparing key strategy, planning and budget reporting documents such as the annual Operational Plan and annual performance reporting.

3. Monitoring & Evaluation, Analysis and Reporting

  • Provide expert advice and practical experience in helping the MOH and other partners monitor inputs, outcomes, and progress towards US government and GOL goals.
  • Assist in developing monitoring and evaluation plans in line with the US government targets, as well as ensure that implementing partners develop monitoring and evaluation plans and report in a timely manner on their activities.
  • Monitor and evaluate activities and partner performance, including ensuring that performance monitoring systems are in place and that periodic, reliable measures of impact indicators are established.
  • Coordinate and/or support development of a Health Office Performance Monitoring Plan, as appropriate, including harmonization of implementing partner reporting and leveraging the Mission’s monitoring and evaluation contractor.

4. Other Duties as Assigned

  • Undertake other tasks, as required by the Health Office Director or Senior Management, to support the execution of the Mission’s overall health mandate.


The incumbent will be supervised by the USAID/Liberia Health Office Director, who will provide agency, mission, office direction, and program management strategic guidance. Beyond this, the incumbent’s performance will be evaluated on the basis of his/her demonstrated ability to independently plan, design, implement and manage others in implementing activities. Performance will be evaluated on an annual basis.


The incumbent will be expected to exercise a broad scope of independent judgment and refer to his or her immediate supervisor and other professional staff members on matters pertaining to policy, priority or resolution of problems for which there is no clear precedent or commitment of funds. The incumbent must be able to manage a wide range of tasks across a broad spectrum of technical and management issues. Prior demonstrated ability to communicate tactfully and diplomatically and manage group dynamics is essential. The ability to meet multiple, often short, deadlines is also essential.


The incumbent will operate within agency authorities extended to USAID Personal Services Contractors to make financial and technical decisions and commitments of US government funds.


As the key Infectious Disease representative for the Health Office and the Mission, the incumbent will have personal contacts with U.S, Embassy personnel, key USG agencies also investing in Liberia, USAID/Washington, GOL officials, and U.S. and local implementing partners. The incumbent will be expected to maintain contact with host government agencies, NGOs, CSOs, faith-based organizations, and the private sector, as appropriate.


Education and Background

· Masters level or higher degree in public health or related field.

· Broad knowledge of and expertise in the following fields: public health, health systems strengthening, human resources for health, one or more tropical diseases, one or more emerging infectious diseases, multi-sectoral coordination of emerging infectious diseases.

· Demonstrated knowledge of U.S. government development program administration and management. Expert knowledge of USAID procedures and processes is strongly preferred.

· USAID AOR/COR certifications are preferred.

Work Experience

· Minimum 15 years working in international health development. Must have extensive experience managing public health or related programs in a developing or emerging/post-crises country setting. Recent experience in West Africa is preferred.

· Demonstrated experience in strategic planning and program management.

· Demonstrated experience in leading and managing diverse teams and exercising independent judgment.

· Demonstrated experience producing high profile deliverables under tight deadlines.

· Demonstrated strong problem solving and analytical skills working on complex projects in a highly sensitive environment.

· Demonstrated experience in working effectively in cross-cultural settings.

Interpersonal and management skills

· Demonstrated strong management and organizational skills.

· Demonstrated ability to interact with a broad range of internal and external partners.

· Demonstrated ability to work effectively in a fast-paced, multidisciplinary and multicultural team environment.

Language and communication skills

· Must be fluent in English and have proven ability to communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.

· Demonstrated ability to prepare briefing documents, presentations, program reports and correspondence in a professional and competent manner requiring little to no editorial changes (in English).

· Demonstrated superior analytical, writing and oral presentation skills, preparation of contractual scopes of work, technical reports, and policy briefs.

How to apply:


All applications packages are to be submitted to:

Sylvester Browne

Deputy Executive Officer


Email: and

Please cite the solicitation number and position title within the subject line of your email application. Any attachments provided via email shall be Microsoft Word or PDF and should not be zipped. Note that attachments to email must not exceed 3 MB.

A. Please send a completed and signed application form AID 302.3 and curriculum vitae containing the following information. Application form AID 302.3 is available at the following website:

1. Personal Information: Full name, mailing address (with Zip Code) day and evening phone numbers, the last four digits of social security number, country of citizenship, highest federal civilian grade held (also give job series and dates held);

2. Education: high school name, city and State (Zip code if known) date of diploma or GED; colleges and universities, name, city and State (Zip code if known, majors, type and year of any degrees received;

3. Work Experience: give the following information for your paid and non-paid work experience related to the job for which you are applying (do not send job descriptions); job title (include series and grade if Federal job), duties, and accomplishments, employers name and address, supervisor’s name and phone number, starting and ending dates (month and year), hours per week, salary. Indicate if we may contact your current supervisor;

4. Other Qualifications: job-related training courses (title and year), job related skills; for example, other languages, computer software /hardware, tools, machinery, typing speed, job related certificates (current only), job-related honors, awards, and special accomplishments, (for example, publications, memberships in professional or honor societies, leadership, activities, public speaking, and performance awards) Gave dates, but do not send documents unless requested.

B. Application package must include all of the following:

  1. A cover letter of no more than 3 pages that demonstrates how the candidate’s qualifications meet the work requirements;

  2. A curriculum vitae which, at a minimum, describes education, latest experience and career achievements;

  3. A completed and signed AID 302.3. Please send signed and scanned copy if applying by e-mail;

  4. A relevant writing sample, minimum of two pages and maximum of ten pages;

  5. Names, current and accurate contact numbers (e-mail and phone) of three professional references that have knowledge of the applicant’s abilities to perform the duties set forth in the solicitation;

  6. A written statement certifying the date and length of time for which the candidate is available for the position;

All of the above information must be included in the application package in order for the package to be considered complete.