Bahrain: International Consultant- Population & Development

Organization: UN Population Fund
Country: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates
Closing date: 19 Aug 2017

UNFPA GCC Office in Oman provides various technical assistance missions by deploying
consultants to various entities in GCC Countries. For this purpose UNFPA would like to solicit CVs
of consultants in various fields so that consultants can be deployed as soon as requirement arises
without delay. CVs thus obtained and shortlisted would be moved to UNFPA Global Roaster which
will be accessed not only by GCC office but UNFPA country offices worldwide for various job
opportunities available.

Job Requirements
Master’s degree or Doctorate in the field of Population & Development, Statistics, Demography or
related fields.
Knowledge and Experience:
 Highly proficient in Oral and written communication skills in both English and Arabic (Native
Arabic Speakers) languages is a must.
 More than 15 years of relevant experience in the field of Population & Development,
Demography, Data Analysis, Statistical Modeling, Statistical Research or related fields.
 International experience specifically in the European, Middle Eastern and Western countries is
required. Strictly looking for candidates with diverse international experience gained from
working in multiple countries including developed countries i.e European, US, Canada etc.
 Proficiency in I.T applications/tools in the field of statistics, Population & Development etc. is

How to apply:

Instructions to Apply:
To apply, please email your CV with the subject line : P&D CV for International Consultancy
opportunity to our id
(please do not sent cover letters or certificates)