Forestry Center Manager in Panama City, Florida, United States with The State of Florida


  • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with a major in forestry and four (4) years of professional, administrative or supervisory forestry experience; or
  • A master’s degree from an accredited college or university with a major in forestry and three (3) years of experience as described above.
  • Experience as described above can substitute on a year-for-year basis for the required college education
  • In accordance with Florida Statute 633, any person employed in this class must:
  • Be a high school graduate or the equivalent, as the term may be determined by the Division of State Fire Marshal of the Department of Financial Services, and at least 18 years of age.

Not have been convicted of a misdemeanor relating to the certification or to perjury or false statements, or a felony or a crime punishable by imprisonment of 1 year or more under the law of the United States or any state thereof or under the law of any other country, or dishonorably discharged from any of the Armed Forces of the United States. “Convicted” means a finding of guilt or the acceptance of a plea of guilty or nolo contendere, in any federal or state court or a court in any other country, without regard to whether a judgment of conviction has been entered by the court having jurisdiction of the case.

  • Submit a fingerprint card to the division with a current processing fee. The fingerprint card will be forwarded to the Department of Law Enforcement and/or the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
  • Have a good moral character as determined by investigation under procedure established by the division.
  • Be in good physical condition as determined by a medical examination as prescribed by the division. Such examination may include, but need not be limited to, provisions of the National Fire Protection Association Pamphlet 1582.
  • Be a non-user of tobacco or tobacco products for at least one (1) year immediately preceding application, as evidenced by the sworn affidavit of the applicant.


Requires possession of a valid Class E driver license.


Successful applicant must pass a background screening, including fingerprinting, as a condition of employment.

The anticipated minimum hiring salary for this position is $46,381.14 annually.


  • Directly responsible for the implementation and direction of all state forestry activities of the Chipola Forestry Center. These activities include overall responsibility for the Unit’s seven county forest fire prevention, detection, and suppression program, and administration of the Pine Log and Point Washington State Forests. Direct activities relative to the Service’s Cooperative Forestry Assistance programs in Walton, Holmes, Washington, Jackson, Bay, Gulf, and Calhoun counties.
  • Supervises Operations Administrators to ensure a balanced operational use of manpower, equipment, and budgets. Also supervises the Administrative Assistant, Accountant, Property Specialist, Automotive Equipment Superintendent, Telecommunications Specialist and Government

Operations Consultant I.

  • Monitors progress and work to ensure accomplishment of Florida Forest Service goals and objectives. This is accomplished through periodic spot checks and on-site inspections of all operations carried out on the Chipola Forestry Center.
  • Responsible for ensuring that assigned program areas have operational procedures and processes which result in accountability and compliance with Service and department policies and procedures.
  • Responsible for preparation and implementation of long and short range plans in regard to the operations administered by the Chipola Forestry Center. This includes the preparation of the state forest management plan which includes long and short term operational goals for timber sales, reforestation, game habitat operational goals for timber sales, reforestation, game habitat improvement and recreational developments. Develops fire prevention, detection, suppression and law enforcement plans in seven counties. Reviews all Cooperative Forestry Assistance plans administered by the Service’s professional foresters in the seven county areas.
  • Supervises preparation of operational budgets for the Chipola Forestry Center. This entails review of all fixed capital, expense, and operating capital outlay budgets. Provides training to staff in budget planning preparation and implementation.
  • Responsible and accountable for managing budget/dollars/resources (staff, vehicles, computers, cell phones, etc.) of any assigned programs in an efficient and accountable manner.
  • Coordinates with State Office in the preparation of operational plans. This is accomplished through constant contact with all Bureaus.
  • Responsible for interviewing and evaluating selections and assignments of personnel to carry out the Florida Forest Service’s service and maintenance programs assigned to the Chipola Forestry Center.
  • Develops and administers revenue receipt system that includes receipts for recreation, timber sales, fire line plowing, fuel wood permits, and special use.
  • Supervises timber sales operations on Pine Log and Pt. Washington State Forests.
  • Maintains contact by briefings and visits with County and State Legislature officials in the seven Chipola Forestry Center counties. These include briefings on budget status and accomplishments. Develops and maintains contacts with forestry industry representatives.
  • Responsible for preparation of all personnel records for the Chipola Forestry Center. This is accomplished by supervision of an Administrative Assistant I who is responsible for carrying out action on all personnel records.

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